My Pet Dog 5, 10 Lines, 100 & 200 words Essay

My pet dog essay is a trending topic nowadays in school exams. Students have to write about their pet dog in different size formats. There are 5 sets of essays- 5, 10 lines and 100 & 200 words. Please read all the essays and find which is suitable for you.

My Pet Dog Essay

Dear learner, Please check the table below. It is about the question type, marks and word limit of the essay. Just look at it and continue reading.

Writing TypeEssay/Paragraph
Word Limit50, 80, 100, 200
TopicMy Pet Dog
Topic Info Table

My Pet Dog 5 lines

  1. I have a pet dog.
  2. His name is Bullet.
  3. He is brown in colour.
  4. He follows me everywhere.
  5. I like him very much.

My Pet Dog Essay 10 lines

  1. We have a pet dog in our house.
  2. Her name is Candy.
  3. She is a Pekinese dog.
  4. Her whole body is covered with white fur.
  5. She is very friendly and loves company.
  6. She is fond of me and follows me everywhere in the house.
  7. My father brought her home when she was just a month old.
  8. She loves meat but also eats other dog food.
  9. She has a toy bone with which she loves to play.
  10. I take proper care of her so that she remains always healthy.
  11. She is not just a dog, she is a friend of mine. (100 words)

Essay on My Pet Dog 200 words

Blacky is the name of my pet dog. He is of the Pomeranian breed. He has long black fur on his body. We brought him home from a local dog breeding Centre. He was then just two months old. He was a beady-eyed puppy with thin fur on his body. Blacky was so cute then. Even now I can remember his little paws and his meek whining. But now he is a full-grown healthy dog with a glossy dark coat all around his body.

Blacky is very active in nature. He plays all the time. He runs from one room to another just for fun. When I return home from school, he is always there for me at the gate of our house. He loves company. If anybody comes to our house, he becomes very happy. He asks for friendship by raising his paw. The guest sometimes accepts, sometimes denies. And for me, he is not just my pet dog, he is my best friend.

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FAQ on Pet Dogs-

1. Name some dog breeds.

German Shephard, Bulldogs, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Siberian Husky are some famous breeds.

2. Name some pet animals.

Apart from the puppy, the cat is the most popular pet. but literally, any animal can be petted.

3. What does a dog eat?

A dog is mainly carnivorous. But it can be omnivorous like us according to the situation.

4. Are dogs intelligent?

Dogs possess a very high level of intelligence. According to some research, they are the most intelligent animal after human beings.

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