My Town Essay- 10 lines and 100 words Paragraph

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My Town Essay

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My Town 10 lines Essay

  1. I live in Panihati. It is an old town near Kolkata.
  2. A large number of people live here.
  3. Most of them are in service but some work in their trades.
  4. We enjoy the facilities of modern life.
  5. There are three schools, a college and a hospital in the town.
  6. Panihati has a glorious past; Lord Chaitanya lived here and Sri Ramakrishna came here.
  7. But we welcome the present.
  8. New shops and markets are opening; New flats are rising.
  9. Panihati is fast developing.
  10. But many roads are narrow. Some drains are shallow.
  11. I don’t mind. Problems are part of life.

My Town Essay- 100 words

I live in Khardah. It is an old town near Kolkata. It is a town with a rural smell. Here we have green fields, shady trees, an open sky and fresh air. In the station area, there are big buildings, large shops and decorated showrooms. Several thousand people live in Khardha. The sanitary arrangement here is good. We get a regular supply of drinking water. We enjoy medical, educational and other facilities. People love and cooperate with one another. Khardah has a glorious past. Beside the Ganga, there is the age-old temple of Lord Shyam. Sri Ramakrishna came here. Tagore stayed here. We are proud of our past. But we live in the present.

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FAQ on Town

1. What is a town?

A town is a settlement larger than a village, having a municipality and other facilities of modern life.

2. How many towns are there in India?

According to the 2011 census data, there 7935 towns are there in India.

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