My Village Paragraph- (10 lines) + 100 & 120 words Essay

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My Village Paragraph

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TopicMy Village
Word Limit10 lines, 100 & 200 words
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My Village Paragraph 10 Lines

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My Village

  1. Kanchanpur is a peaceful village in Purulia.
  2. We live here with nature.
  3. Here birds sing in green trees.
  4. The air here is pure and fresh.
  5. About two thousand people live here in huts and houses.
  6. They are mostly farmers. Some live on other trades.
  7. In the village, there are two schools, a post office, a health centre and a market.
  8. We do not have many things.
  9. But we have love, leisure and pleasure.
  10. I love my village. It is my native place- my heaven.

My Village Paragraph 100 Words

I live in a village. The name of my village is Hariharpur. It is in the district of Murshidabad. It is a big village. We have a high school and one primary school in our village. Most of the villagers are cultivators. They send their children to school. Some of the villagers are traders and some are service holders. We have many narrow roads and the main road from our village to the town. Both Hindus and Muslims live in this village. We love our village very much. Now the government has taken many programmes for the development of our village.

My Village Paragraph 200 Words

The following paragraph is about My Village in about 200 words. For Better understanding, I have divided the paragraph into three parts- Introduction, Body and Conclusion. You may or may not use the points in your writing.


Debipur in Purba Bardhaman is my native village. On long vacations, I come here. I feel refreshed. The village is free from the bustle of busy cities. People here live in peace.

(Life in Village)

People do not suffer from pollution and tension. In the lap of nature, life flows freely. The greenness around makes the mind green. About two thousand people live here in huts and houses. They live on cultivation and other trades. Their income is poor. Their needs are also few. Fresh air and fresh vegetables seem to satisfy them.

Problems and Solutions

They look happy even with problems. In the village, there was no health centre. There was also the problem of drinking water. But things are now changing. The ray of progress is reaching my native village. New roads are building. Connection to the cities becomes easier. A new high school and a primary health centre are on the way to completion. People are getting sufficient purified drinking water from the pipelines. We too have 24-hour electricity and mobile networks now.


The pastoral look of my village is changing. It is the need of time. Still, I love my village. It is my birthplace. It is my sweet Eden Garden.

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FAQ on Village

1. What is a village?

A village is a small settlement with a small population. The main livelihood of a village is usually farming.

2. How are the villages of India?

Almost 70 per cent of India’s total population lives in villages. The villages are prospering now. People are getting all the essential facilities of life. Life in villages is getting easier now.

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