Our Garden Essay- 100 words paragraph

The following article is a paragraph on our garden essay in about 100 words. Here I have also written an essay about our garden which I see every day in our school. So read the paragraphs and tell me which paragraph is the best.

Our Garden Essay

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Our Garden Essay (Set 1)

We have a small flower garden. Flowers of various colours bloom white roses look lovely. But my mother’s favourite flowers are red roses. In her love and care sunflowers smile. Dahlia’s dance. And marigolds look up merrily. I often sit on its grassy floor. I enjoy the beauty of the garden. Butterflies come. Bees hum. Grasshoppers fly. I am filled with joy. A little bird has built its nest on the gardenia tree. In spring the sweet smell of its flowers fills the air Then it is nice to be there.

Our Garden Paragraph (Set 2)

We have a small garden in our house. My father takes care of it. Sometimes I help him. It is full of seasonal flowers. We plant saplings in every season. They grow and bloom. There are three types of rose plants in the garden. They are red, yellow and pink in colour. But the red rose is my favourite. My father once brought four dahlias. Now they dance in the sweet breeze. My mother loves marigolds. She plants a few marigolds in the garden. Now they bloom. Our garden is the home of butterflies and bees. Every day they visit our small garden and filled me with joy. Every day in the afternoon, I wait for them. They came and I bid goodbye to them in the evening. This is our garden and I love the flowers, the butterflies, bees and grasshoppers which visit our garden.

Our School Garden Essay (Set 3)

We have a small garden in our school. It is full of flowers, fruits and vegetables. The garden is divided into three parts. One part of it has flower plants, the other part has fruit plants and the last part has medicinal plants. We, the students of our school take care of the garden. We have marigolds, jasmine, dahlia and turnip in the first part of the garden. There are mango, papaya, jackfruit and coconut trees in the other part. The third part has aloe vera, pudina and a few other types of medicinal plants in it. We love our school garden.

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FAQ on Garden

1. What is a garden?

Artificially planting and nurturing trees for fruits, flowers and medicines is called a garden. It is different from farming. Farming is related to livelihood but gardening is related to one’s passion.

2. How do you describe a beautiful garden?

If you want to write an essay on your garden, start like that you have a garden. Then tell what is inside it. describe the flowers and plants. Next, tell who are the visitors. Finally, tell how you take care of that garden.

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