Our Runaway Kite Extra Questions & Answers Class 10

The following article is about extra questions and answers from Our Runaway Kite by Lucy Maud Montgomery (Class 10). You will find extra MCQ, SAQ & True-False questions in this article. All question-answers are done accordingly. Please read the page carefully and practise them in your exercise book. So let’s begin.

Our Runaway Kite Extra MCQ Questions & Answers

1 Big Half Moom is the name of-

  1. A moon
  2. an island
  3. the mainland
  4. a lifeless place

2. Esther was the author’s-

  1. mother
  2. brother
  3. father
  4. aunt

3. It was all on account of a that there are more of us. The missing word is.

  1. Mimi
  2. Dick
  3. Father
  4. Kite

4. Claude was .

  1. ten years old
  2. eleven years old
  3. twelve years old
  4. thirteen years old.

5. The narrator and her brother moved to the mainland in-

  1. Summer
  2. Autumn
  3. Winter
  4. Spring

6. The narrator is

  1. One year senior to Claude
  2. One year junior to Claude
  3. Twelve years senior to Claude
  4. Twelve years junior to Claude

7. The name of the island is-

  1. Full Half Moon
  2. Big Full Moon
  3. Big Half Moon
  4. Big Moon Island

8. The narrator and Claude used to quarrel with the children in-

  1. Summer
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Autumn

9. In Winter Philippa and Claude leave-

  1. The Big Half-Moon Island
  2. The Frozen Sea
  3. Mainland
  4. None of the above

10. The narrator’s father was the keeper of-

  1. Big Half Moon Island
  2. The Kites
  3. The harbour
  4. The lighthouse of the island

11. In spring they return to

  1. Big Full Moon
  2. the island
  3. the mainland
  4. the sea beach

12. At the time of returning the people in the mainland

  1. disliked them
  2. loved them
  3. took pity on them
  4. hated them

More MCQ Questions and Answers

13. Claude and Philippa played-

  1. Sack race
  2. marble race
  3. pirate cave
  4. fire cave

14. It was difficult to play pirate cave-

  1. alone
  2. with only two
  3. in sea
  4. in the island

15. Everybody in the mainland had-

  1. kites
  2. friends
  3. relations
  4. enemy

16. Having no relatives, make Claude and the narrator-

  1. puzzled
  2. happy
  3. shocked
  4. sorry

17. According to the narrator’s father, they had no relations because of his

  1. grace
  2. ill luck
  3. fate
  4. fault

18. The harbour was frozen because of

  1. lighthouse
  2. cold
  3. frost
  4. hail

19. Claude and the narrator like the

  1. the lighthouse
  2. the mainland
  3. the island
  4. the wood

20. On the mainland Claude had-

  1. one relative
  2. two relatives
  3. three relatives
  4. no relatives.

21. The person who looked sorrowful was-

  1. the narrator
  2. the narrator’s father
  3. Claude
  4. aunt

22. Before the reunion, the family were of

  1. two members
  2. three members
  3. four members
  4. six members

23. Aunt Esther lived-

  1. Fur away
  2. near
  3. at a little distance
  4. in the house

24. Claude learnt to make kites from-

  1. Mimi
  2. Dick
  3. a boy
  4. his father

25. Father had-

  1. a brother
  2. a sister
  3. a brother and a sister
  4. none

26. The narrator used to a lot with the children in the mainland

  1. play
  2. quarrel
  3. make kites
  4. run in the wood

27. The kite sailed to-

  1. the sea
  2. the island
  3. the mainland
  4. the harbour

Answers of Our Runaway Kite Extra MCQ Questions

1 an island2 aunt3 Kite
4 twelve years old5 Winter6 One year junior to Claude
6 One-year junior to Claude8 Winter9 The Big Half-Moon Island
10 The lighthouse of the island11 the island12 took pity on them
13 pirate cave14 with only two15 relations
16 puzzled17 fault18 cold
19 the mainland20 no relatives21 the narrator’s father
22 three members23 Fur away24 a boy
25 a brother and a sister26 quarrel27 the mainland
The answer of the MCQ Our Runaway Kite

Our Runaway Kite Extra True-False Questions & Answers

1, On Big Half Moon there was nobody to play with them. True

Supporting Statement: There was nobody for us to play with on the Big Half Moon.

2. ‘We’ refer to the narrator’s father and Claude. False

Supporting Statement: We are the father, Claude and I and Aunt Esther and Mimi and Dick.

3. The Narrator was older than Claude. False

Supporting Statement: I am eleven years old. Claude is twelve.

4. In the Summer we moved to the mainland. False

Supporting Statement: In Winter we all moved over to the mainland.

5. The narrator and her brother quarrelled with each other. False

Supporting Statement: We never quarrelled.

6. The narrator and Claude used to quarrel with the mainland children. True

Supporting Statement: We used to quarrel a good deal with the mainland children in winter.

7. The writer’s father had relations with others. False

Supporting Statement: To be sure, Father did not seem to have any relations.

8. The narrator and Claude wished to have relatives. True

Supporting Statement: We thought it would be so jolly to have an uncle and aunt and some cousins.

9. Father received the letter after two months. False

Supporting Statement: A month later a letter came for father.

10. Father had two siblings. True

Supporting Statement: Father had a brother and a sister.

Our Runaway Kite Extra Short Questions & Answers (SAQ)

1, Where does the narrator live?

Answer: The narrator lived in the Big Half Moon island.

2. Who/what reunited the family?

Answer: A kite reunited the family.

3. What is Claude’s father?

Answer: Claude’s father is the keeper of the lighthouse in the Big Half Moon island.

4. What is the age of Philippa and Claude?

Answer: Philippa is eleven and Claude is twelve years old.

5. What happened to the harbour in Winter?

Answer: The harbour became frozen in winter.

6. When did they come to the mainland?

Answer: In winter they came to the mainland.

7. When did they return to the Big Half Moon?

Answer: They return to the Big Half Moon in summer.

8. What did the narrator and Claude wish to have?

Answer: The narrator and Claude wished to have some relations.

9. What did the narrator once ask her father?

Answer: Once the narrator asked why they did not have any relations.

10. When did the narrator’s father leave home?

Answer: The narrator’s father left home at an early age.

11. Why did he leave home?

Answer: He quarrelled with his brother and left home.

12. What happened to his brother?

Answer: Many years later when he returned home, he found that his brother had died.

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FAQ from Our Runaway Kite

1. How did Aunt Esther see the big kite?

Ant Esthere was at home. Dick and Mimi found the kite in the wood on the top of a tree. They brought it home and Aunt Esther saw the kite for the first time.

2. How many characters are there in our runaway kite?

There are six characters in Our Runaway Kite. They are Father, Claude, Philippa, Aunt Esther, Dick and Mimi.

3. What is the theme of our runaway kite?

The theme of the story Our Runaway Kite is separation-reunion. Another theme of the story is the search for identity.

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