Summary of Our Runaway Kite by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Summary of Our Runaway Kite (Story)

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TextOur Runaway Kite
AuthorLucy Maud Montgomery
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Our Runaway Kite Summary

The summary is divided into three parts for ease of reading. Ignore them if you are comfortable with the whole. Let’s begin.

Unit 1 Summary of Our Runaway Kite:

The narrator Phillipa Leete, her brother Claude Leete, her father, Aunt Esther, Dick and Mimi are the Characters of the story. They presently live on Big Half Moon Island. But things were different. The narrator with her brother and father lived on that island. Her father was the caretaker of the lighthouse on that island. Sometimes when they asked their father about their relatives, he moaned.

Unit 2 Summary of Our Runaway Kite:

In winter, the sea froze and they had to move to the mainland. A boy on the mainland taught Claud how to make kites. In the next summer when they returned to the Big Half Moon, they made plenty of kites. One day they made a big kite and covered it with red paper. As Phillipa was running with the kite, she suddenly tipped over a rock and her elbow went through the kite making a big hole. They repair it with an old letter and wrote their full names on it. They flew the kite but unfortunately, the cord snapped and the kite sailed towards the mainland.

Unit 3 Summary of Our Runaway Kite:

One day Dick and Mimi found that kite in a wood on the top of a tree. They brought it back home. Their mother Aunt Esther noticed the letter. She read it and became hopeful about her brother. She was sure that Claude Leete and Phillipa Leete were none but her nephew and niece. So she immediately wrote a letter to her brother in the Big Half Moon. The father received the letter and told the whole story about his family.

The next day father went for his sister and brought her with her children Dick and Mimi. Now Claude and Philippa had relatives and they were extremely happy.

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FAQ from the Summary

1. Who is the author of Our Runaway Kite?

Lucy Maud Montgomery is the author of Our Runaway Kite

2. Who is the main character of Our Runaway Kite?

Philippa Leete is the main character of Our Runaway Kite.

3. Who is the brother of Philippa?

Claude is the brother of Philippa.

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