Paper Making Process Writing for classes 9 and 10

The article is about a paragraph on how paper is made. In this article, we will check the suggested question, the flow chart and the answer. So read the process-writing paragraph on Paper-making.

Use the following flowchart to write a paragraph within 100 words on how to make paper.

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Writing TypeProcessing Writing
Word Limit100
TopicPaper Making
Topic Info Table

Paper-making Flow Chart-

cutting down of bamboo – making pulp – adding chemicals – rolling into sheets – adding colours – drying – ready for use

Paper-Making Process Writing

Paper is a very useful item in our daily life. It plays a great role in spreading education. The development of our society depends largely on it. It is made through some interlinked stages. At first, bamboo is cut down into clumps. Then they are cleaned and cut into small pieces. Next, the pieces are ground into a big machine to make pulp. Later, chemicals are added to make it soft and white. Now the soft pulp is rolled into sheets. Thereafter, colour is added to the paper sheets. Finally, the sheets are dried and cut into sizes. The Paper is now ready for use.

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FAQ on Paper-Making

Time needed: 15 days

How is paper made from trees step by step?

  1. Cutting down trees

    First, softwood trees or bamboos are cut down.

  2. Supply to the factory

    These woods or bamboos are then supplied to the factory.

  3. Slicing

    The wood is then turned into small pieces.

  4. Making Pulp

    The pieces are then thrashed into big machines and pulp is made from them.

  5. Adding Chemicals

    Chemicals are added to the pulp to make it soft and white.

  6. Rolling

    The pulp is then rolled into sheets.

  7. Colouring

    Colour is added to the sheets

  8. Drying

    The sheets are then dried.

  9. Shaping

    The sheets are then cut into proper sizes.

  10. Packing

    The pieces of paper are then packed, labelled and sent to the market for sale.

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