Parrot Essay 5, 10 lines and 100 words.

The Parrot is a very common bird in India. The following article is an essay on the Parrot. There are three parrot essays in the article. The first one is 5 lines, the second one is 10 lines and the third one is 100 words paragraph. Please read all the paragraphs and find which one is best for you.

Parrot Essay

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5 Lines on Parrot

  1. The parrot is my favourite bird.
  2. There are many types of parrots.
  3. Cockatiel parrots can sing well.
  4. Scarlet Macaws have beautiful feathers.
  5. Parrots are also called Tiya or Tota in India.

Parrot Essay 10 Lines

  1. The parrot is my favourite bird.
  2. It is found in many colours but green parrots are very common in India.
  3. Tropical and Sub-Tropical forests are the home of Parrots.
  4. It eats fruits and vegetables.
  5. It builds its nest in trees and cavities.
  6. Many people pet parrots for their colour and sound.
  7. Some parrots can mimic human sounds and speak like human beings.
  8. But we should not lock them up in cages.
  9. Almost 400 species of parrots are found all over the world.
  10. Cockatoos, Macaws, Parakeets, Rainbow Lorikeets and lovebirds are some well-known parrots.

Parrot Essay 100 words

Parrots are very beautiful birds. There are almost 400 varieties of Parrots found all over the world. Some Parrots have colourful feathers and some have sweet voices. Some well-known Parrots are Cockatoos, Macaws, Parakeets, Rainbow Lorikeets and lovebirds. Parrots are brilliant birds. So They can learn quickly. Some Parrots can mimic human voices. Macaws are the most giant Parrots and Hyacinth macaws are the largest of them. They have beautiful blue feathers all around their body. On the other hand, Buff-faced Parrots are the smallest Parrots. They are indigenous to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Parrots eat seeds, fruits, nectar and also buds. Green Parrots are very common in India. They have beautiful green feathers and a red ring around their neck. Parrots build their nests in cavities of trees and reefs. Some parakeets build their nest in trees.

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FAQ on Parrots

1. Are Parakeets and Parrots the same?

Parrot is a general term for all kinds of birds belonging to the Psittaciformes family. Parakeets also belong to that family. So technically both are the same.

2. What do Parrots eat?

Parrots eat fruits and seeds. Some Parrots also eat buds, nectar and anthropods.

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