Preparation of Payesh (Rice Pudding) 100 words.

The following paragraph is about the preparation of Indian rice pudding, commonly known as Payesh. In this paragraph, I have explained how to make payesh at home. The word limit of the paragraph is about 100 words. So let’s begin.

Payesh Preparation

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Read the following flow chart to write a paragraph on how Indian rice pudding or payesh is prepared.

Flow Chart- rice washed — soaked in water — nuts and dry fruits added — water drained from rice — rice added to milk — cooked — nuts and dry fruits added — cooled — ready to be served.

Preparation of Payesh

Payesh is a very delicious food. It is very popular among kids. Payesh can be prepared at home by following some simple steps. At first, rice is washed in water. Then it is soaked in water for about 10 minutes. After that nuts and dry fruits are washed and sliced with a knife. After that milk is taken in a container and sugar is mixed with it. Then it is boiled to make it thick. Next water is drained from the rice and rice is added to the milk. Then it is cooked for 20 to 25 minutes or until the rice is cooked well. In the middle of cooking additives like nuts, cashew nuts and dry fruits like resins are added to the payesh. Now it is left to cool. Finally, it is ready to be served.

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Extra TIPS for cooking Payesh-

  1. Use Govinda Bhog or white rice. Govinda Bhog has a nice smell. But if you are cooking white rice, Use Khejur Gurr or Kheer in the payesh.
  2. Clear all the husks or paddies from the rice.
  3. You can use sugar or jaggery (Gurr) in Payesh. If you are using Govinda Bhog, then go with sugar. If you are using white rice, use the jaggery of date trees (Khejur Gurr). It will add extra flavour to the Payesh.
  4. Soaking in water will save time.
  5. You can use Kheer in the payesh to make it creamy. You can use milkshakes too if available.

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FAQ on Payesh

1. What is Payesh?

Payesh is a very popular Indian Rice Pudding. The main ingredients of Payes are rice, milk, and sugar. Additives like resins, nuts and cashew nuts can also be added to increase its flavour. There are a few varieties available for Payesh, Like Chanar Payes. However, Payesh is a very popular food item, particularly among kids. It is prepared on special occasions like Laxmi Puja and Birthdays. The preparation of payesh is very simple. You can check the above processing writing to prepare it at home. 

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