Preparation of Phenyl in 100 words-Process Writing

The article is about the preparation of phenyl at home. The article is for students who are seeking how to prepare Phenyl process writing. Do not use the method practically at home without proper knowledge or protection. Take experts’ advice before applying such methods. So read the essay and be ready for the exam.

Preparation of Phenyl Paragraph

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TopicPreparation of Phenyl
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You can prepare phenyl at home. Here is an outline of the process of its preparation. Study it and describe the process.

Flow Chart- mixing crushed resin with boiled castor oil — cooling — mixing caustic soda solution — stirring solution frequently — pouring creosote oil — leaving it for 10 minutes — adding carbolic acid and potassium permanganate — pouring water — stirring the solution — pouring into another pot — leaving it for 24 hours

Preparation of Phenyl

Phenyl is a chemical that kills germs. It is mainly used for cleaning bathrooms, toilets and drains. But it can be prepared easily at home. At first, the resin is crushed and mixed with boiled castor oil. It is then left for some time to cool. When the temperature of the mixture reaches room temperature, a caustic soda solution is added to it. Then the solution is stirred frequently. Later creosote oil is mixed with it and the solution is left for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, carbolic acid and potassium permanganate are added to the mixture. Now water is poured into it and the solution is stirred well. Then the mixture is kept in another pot and left there for 24 hours. Finally, Phenyl is ready for use in the home.

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FAQ on Phenyl

1. What is the symbol of Phenyl?

The symbol of phenyl is C6H5.

2. What is Phenyl used for?

Phenyl is used for cleaning toilets and bathrooms. It can kill germs. So it is used in such places.

3. What is the colour of phenyl?

Phenyl is white in colour.

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