Preparation of Tea Leaves Process Writing 100 words

The following writing is the process of the tea leaves preparation. Here I have explained the whole process of tea leaf is preparation. The length of the paragraph is about 100 words.

Tea Leaves Preparation Process Writing

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Study the following flowchart and write a paragraph on the preparation of tea leaves. The word limit of the processing writing is about 100 words.

Flow Chart- leaves plucked — brought to the factory — spread in a tray — dried in the heated room — cut in the shredding machine — sent to hot oven — graded in the sieving machine — packed in aluminium containers.

Preparation of Tea Leaves

Tea is a popular drink. This drink is made from tea leaves. These leaves are processed in factories in the following steps. At first, tea leaves are plucked carefully from the tea plants. Two leave and a bud make good quality tea. Then these leaves are bought by the factory for processing. After that, they are spread in a tray. Then the tray is sent to a heated room where the leaves are dried. Next these dry leaves are cut in the shredding machine. Later they are sent to a hot oven to increase their taste. Then the leaves are sent to a sieving machine and are graded according to their size. Finally, they are packed in aluminium containers and sent to the market for sale.

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FAQ on Tea Leaf-

1. What is the scientific name of the Tea Plant?

Camellia sinensis.

2. How long a tea plant lives?

If properly cultivated, a tea plant lives for more than a century (100 years).

3. What plants produce tea?

Camellia Sinensis. Commonly known as the tea plant.

Time needed: 1 day

How tea leaves are prepared in 7 steps.

  1. Plucking of leaves

    Tea leaves are plucked from the tea trees. Two leaves and a bud is the best combination.

  2. Send to factories

    These leaves are sent to factories for processing.

  3. Heating and drying

    The leaves are then placed in trays and sent to the heating room for drying.

  4. Cutting

    These dry leaves are then sent to a shredding machine for cutting.

  5. Re-heating

    The leaves are now re-heated to increase their taste.

  6. Grading

    Leaves are graded from good to best according to the size of the leaves with the help of a sieve.

  7. Packing

    The leaves are then packed into an aluminium container and sent to the market for sale.

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