Process of Washing Dirty Clothes Paragraph for classes 9 & 10

In this paragraph, you will find the process of washing dirty clothes within 100 words. Here I have explained how dirty clothes are washed at home. Read the processing writing carefully and try to write a paragraph of your own. So let’s continue.

Washing Dirty Clothes Processing Writing

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Writing TypeProcessing
Word Limit100
TopicWashing Dirty Clothes
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Use the following flow chart and write a paragraph on the process of washing dirty clothes. Describe in about 100 words how clothes are washed and made ready for wearing

take water in a bucket – detergent powder mixed – dip dirty clothes for thirty minutes – scrubbed – wash in fresh water – rinse and dry – press – ready to use again.

Process of Washing Dirty Clothes

No one wants to wear dirty clothes. So dirty clothes need to be washed and made ready for wear. Here is a simple process of how one can wash dirty clothes. At first, water is taken in a bucket. Next, the detergent powder is mixed into the water. Then the dirty clothes are dipped into the mixture and kept in it for thirty minutes. After that, the clothes are scrubbed thoroughly one by one. Later the clothes are washed in fresh water. Next, they are rinsed and dried well. Now they are folded and pressed. Finally, the clothes are ready to be used again.

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FAQ on Clothes

1. What is the process of washing dirty clothes?

Dirty clothes can be washed in 2 ways- manually or with washing machines.

2. What is the form of detergent?

Detergent is found in both liquid and solid (powder)

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