Preparation of Bread Processing writing in 100 words for 9 & 10

Do you know how to make bread? Here is a Processing writing on the preparation of bread. Here I explain the whole process of how bread is made in 100 words. So read the processing writing carefully & you may also try this for fun.

Preparation of Bread Processing Writing

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Question TypeProcessing Writing
Word Limit 100
TopicBread Preparation
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Study the following flow chart and describe how bread is made. Write the answer in about 100 words.

flour-salt-yeast-water — weighed — mixed up — dough prepared — cut into pieces — rolled and shaped — baked for 20-30 minutes — sliced — wrapped in paper — ready for market

Preparation of Bread

Bread is a widespread food item all over the world. It is made in the bakery. Bread is prepared with four main ingredients. They are flour, yeast, salt and water. At first, all these four ingredients are weighed and mixed properly. Then the mixture turns into a dough. Then the dough is cut into small pieces. Next, they are rolled and shaped. Afterwards, they are put into an oven and baked for 20 to 30 minutes. After baking the bread is cut into slices. The slices are then wrapped in paper. Finally, the bread is ready for sale in the market.

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Time needed: 5 hours

What are the 5 steps to making bread in order?

  1. Mixing:

    All the ingredients flour, water, salt and yeast are mixed proportionally.

  2. Dough

    After some time the mixture turns into dough

  3. size

    The dough is cut into the proper size

  4. Shape

    The dough pieces are given proper shape-round, cube etc.

  5. Baking

    baked for 20 to 30 minutes at 200-375 degrees.

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