Processing of Guava Jelly- 100 words Paragraph

The following article is about the processing of guava jelly. The word limit of the paragraph is about 100 words. It is important for class 9 and class 10. So let’s begin.

Processing of Guava Jelly

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Flow chart of Guava Jelly-

guavas collected — sorted to remove rotten ones — cleaned well — crushed and seeds removed — pass through a sieve — mixed lime — filled in sterilized bottles — sent to market for sale.

Guava Jelly Processing

Guava Jelly is a mouth-watering food item. Processing of guava jelly is easy and simple. At first, guavas are bought from the market. Then these are sorted and the rotten ones are removed. Now the fresh guavas are cleaned properly. After cleaning, the guavas are boiled in water for some time. Later these are crushed and the hard seeds are removed with the help of a sieve. Then lime and sugar are mixed with the crushed guavas and boiled for some time again. After cooling, the jelly is poured into sterilised bottles. Now guava jelly is ready and sent to markets for sale.

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FAQ on Guava Jelly

1. What is guava jelly made from?

Guava jelly is made from ripe guavas.

2. What is the colour of guava jelly?

Guava jelly is naturally pink in colour. It may vary from coral pink to light pink.

3. What is the taste of guava jelly?

Guava jelly is sweet.

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