Publication of Newspaper Process Writing 100 words

The following processing writing is about the Publication of a Newspaper. In this paragraph, you will learn the process of how newspapers are produced. The Word limit of the section is about 100 words and is for the students of classes 9 and 10. So without wasting time let’s begin

Publication of Newspaper Process Writing

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Use the following flow chart to write a paragraph on how newspapers are published

Flow Chart- Press reporters collect news — press photographers collect pictures — news sorted and edited — types set in machines — paper rolls inserted — news printed — folded and cut — newspaper ready for distribution

Publication of Newspapers

The newspaper is a very important part of our life. It makes us updated with the latest development at home and abroad. The publication of a newspaper goes through some interlinked stages. At first, newspaper reporters collect news from different places. Press photographers take photos of the incident. The collected news with the photos is then sorted and edited. After that, a proofreader composes and corrects the news. The news is then sorted and placed according to its importance. Tracing of news is now made by the laser printer. Next plates are made. These are then set in the rollers of the rotary machine. Now newspapers are printed. Finally, these are delivered to agents and subscribers in the morning.

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FAQ on Newspaper

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Processing of Newspaper Publication in 9 steps.

  1. Collection of News

    Press reporters first collect news from different sources.

  2. Photographs

    Photographers click images of the news.

  3. Sorting

    At the studio photos and news are sorted.

  4. Editing

    The news and the images are then edited.

  5. Proofreading

    A proofreader then comes and edits the news.

  6. News placing

    The news is then placed on pages according to its importance.

  7. Sampling

    Sample news is printed and corrected if there is any error.

  8. Printing

    After checking the sample printing, all the newspapers are printed.

  9. Delivery

    Finally, the newspapers are sent to the agents and subscribers.

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