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Paragraph on Punctuality

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Punctuality Paragraph

Success is not a gift of God. We achieve it. A sure way to success is punctuality. It means doing work at the correct time. It’s a good habit and a virtue. Great men performed so many works in one lifetime. They used time properly. They never left anything for tomorrow. Tomorrow may be a troublesome day. The work may not be done at all. So we should be punctual. We’ll not be in haste. Our work will be done well. A punctual man wins the confidence of one and all. Everybody respects him. We should therefore practise punctuality from our childhood. One can’t sow seeds in the hard soil.

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FAQ on Punctuality

1. What is the importance of punctuality?

The main importance of punctuality is that it makes a man conscious of the time. It also makes a man disciplined.

2. What is punctuality in simple words?

Punctuality means doing the right thing at right time.

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