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Raja Rammohan Roy Paragraph

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Raja Rammohan Roy

Raja Rammohan Roy is one of the makers of modern India. He was born on 10th May 1774 at Radhanagar, Hoogly. His father was Ramkanta Roy and his mother was Tarini Devi. Rammohan had a great passion for knowledge. He learnt many oriental languages like Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit. He also knew English, Latin, Greek, French and Tibetan very well. He visited Tibet to know more about Buddhism. He also went to England to plead the cause of the last Mughal Emperor. Raja Rammohan Roy was a great social and religious reformer. He abolished the cruel custom of ‘Sati‘ with the support of Lord Bentinck. He shocked the entire orthodox Hindu Society. For reforming Hinduism he founded a new religion called ‘Brahmo Samaj‘. He edited the Upanishads and wrote books on various subjects. This eminent person breathed his last on September 27, 1833, and was buried in Bristol, England.

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FAQ on Raja Rammohan Roy

1. What did Raja Rammohan Roy do for the country?

Raja Rammohan Roy is called the morning star of the Indian Renaissance. The most important contribution towards society is the abolishment of the Sati custom in Indian Hindu society. He with the help of Lord Bentinck abolish this cruel custom.

2 Which religion is established by Raja Rammohan Roy?

Raja Rammohan Roy established Brahma Samaj.

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