Report on Celebration of Kanyashree Divas (Day)-100 words

The following article is a report on the celebration of the Kanyashree Divas (Day). In this report, I am trying to write how a school observes Kanyashree Day. The word limit of the writing is about 100 words. So let’s begin.

Celebration of Kanyashree Divas(Day)

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TopicKanyashree Divas(Day)
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Write a report on the celebration of the Kanyashree Divas (Day) in your school based on the following points.

Points– date and time — chief guest — other guests — opening song — speeches — short cultural programme — closing ceremony

ABC School Honoured Kanyashree

-By a Staff Reporter

Howrah, January 15 August: Like every year, on 14th August, ABC High School observed Kanyashree Day in the school Hall. A brief cultural programme was arranged to commemorate this auspicious day. Several eminent personalities of the district participated in this programme. The Headmistress of the school gave a short speech on the necessity and prospect of the Kanyashree. A special magazine containing the story of the girls of the school was also officially published on the stage. The function came to an end at around 4.30 pm. Sweets were distributed among the students. More than 500 students, teachers and guardians participated in this programme.

XYZ School Observes Kanyashree Day

-By S Mondal

Kolkata, August 15: With the rest of the state, XYZ School observed Kanyashree Divas yesterday on the school premises. Dr Amartya Sen, the Nobel laureate graced the chair of the chief guest. Other VVIPs like actress Dipak Adhikari (Dev) and the representatives from the UN were present there. The Headmaster of the school presided over the function. The programme started with Tagore’s song “Sankocher Biwhalata”. It was followed by inspiring speeches from the guests. They all appreciated woman empowerment through Kanyashree Prakalpa (Project), an award-winning unique scheme initiated by the state government. It was followed by a cultural programme. The programme came to an end with the speech of the Headmaster and the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana”. More than a thousand students, teachers and guardians attended the programme.

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FAQ on Kanyashree

1. What is Kanyashree?

Kanyashree is a direct cash transfer scheme for teenage girls in West Bengal. The aim of the scheme is woman empowerment. There are some secondary objectives- 1) Prevention of Underage marriage of girls. 2) Increase the ratio of girls in schools & colleges.

2. When did Kanyashree Project start in West Bengal?

Kanyashree Project started in 2013 in West Bengal.

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