Returning from an educational excursion by Bus Story- 3 Sets

The following article is a story on the theme “Returning from an educational excursion by bus” The question is taken from “Tales of Bhola Grandpa” of Class 9 Unit 1. Three sets of stories are included in this article. Please read them and practise for better scores.

Write a story about returning from an educational excursion by bus

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Question TypeStory Writing
Word Limit100
TopicStory on a bus journey

Write a story within 100 words using the given hints. Give a title to the story:

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A horrible bus journey

It was the last puja vacation. We were returning from our school excursion from Purulia by bus. It was midnight. Everyone fell asleep. All at once the bus heavily jerked. There was a loud boom as one of the tyres got punctured. We started trembling in fear. We passed the next two hours in the restless and scary conditions in the lonesome jungle. The driver and his assistant refixed the tyre. The driver started the journey again. We returned home safely. This horrible bus journey is a memorable experience in my life.

Hints: returning from an educational excursion by bus-night journey-sudden break down-tyres punctured-had to wait for two hours at a lonely place-tyres fixed-back home.

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An exciting excursion

It was an educational tour to Bishnupur. We were fifty including our history teacher. Everything was very fine and fair except the return journey. It was a night journey. All of a sudden one of the tyres of our bus was punctured. The driver took about one and a half hour to fix the tyre. But the most anxious moment was that it was a lonely unknown place. Anytime anything might happen. We thought about kidnappers or decoits might attack us. But thankfully no evil happened. We were back home safely.

A Memorable Bus Journey

Like every year, our school arranged an educational excursion this year. This time we went to Darjeeling. All of us enjoyed the tour very much. While coming back, however, we passed some anxious moments. It was just midnight and our bus running at a high speed. All of a sudden, it stopped. It was a case of a tyre puncture. But our driver and conductor were efficient enough. They told us to keep quiet for an hour or so. The problem was light as they had no powerful torches or other lighting arrangements with them. But somehow they managed it. Our waiting in the pitch black was something scary. But by the grace of God, we ultimately returned safely.

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FAQ on Excursion

What is the meaning of Excusion?

An excursion is a brief journey usually arranged by educational institutes for practical learning.

What is an example of an excursion?

All the above-mentioned stories are examples of excursions.

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