Science in our daily life Essay- 100, 125 and 250 word Paragraphs

This article is an essay about Science in our daily life. There are three essays in the article. The first one is 100 words, the second one is 125 words and the third one is 250 words paragraph. Read all the essays carefully and find which is best for you.

Science in Our Daily Life

Science, particularly the inventions of science is always with us. However, take a look at the table below. It is about the question type, marks and word limit of the essay. Just have a look at it and continue reading.

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TopicScience in Our Daily life
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Science In Daily Life Essay 100 words

Science is modern our constant companion. From morning to night what we do is, in some way, related to science. The inventions of science have made our life comfortable. In the morning on the heater or the gas oven, we prepare our breakfast. After lunch trains and cars take us to our respective destinations. Electric lights, fans, instruments and gadgets serve us. The telephone and the internet connect us with the rest of the world. Television and the computer entertain us. Even when we’re sleeping the inverter, and the refrigerator works for us. Without these gifts, life would be much more difficult. Life would lose its colour.

Science in Our Daily Life Essay 125 words

This is the age of science. Our life has changed dramatically. At present tailors prepare comfortable garments and dresses for us. Our home life is also made comfortable by science. We can know every news of the world at home with the help of radio, newspaper and television. Our electric fans, lights, typewriters telephones, and refrigerators have brought comforts to our lives, Drudgery has also been curbed. By turning radio or television we have some refreshments after days of labour. Modern man is greatly indebted to science for many things in life. The gifts of science are also innumerable. It is difficult for us to enumerate all the advantages of science in modern life.

250 Words on Uses of Science in our daily life Essay

Science is an integral part of our daily life. Our life is so dependent on science, particularly on the inventions of science, it is very hard for us to live without it. Here are 10 uses of science that changed our life.

  1. toothbrush and toothpaste: Our first duty in the morning is to brush our teeth properly. A day without brushing is a bad day.
  2. Toilet: The toilet is such a good invention which we scarcely imagine. It makes our life healthier. Many diseases just vanished from the earth for this beautiful invention.
  3. Newspaper/ TV: A newspaper is a combination of many inventions and discoveries of science. It connects us to the rest of the world.
  4. Gas and Ovens: How hard our life would be if we have to cook our food daily with timber? Natural gas in compressed form solves this issue.
  5. House: Our houses are the gift of science. All House building materials are the inventions of science.
  6. Electricity: Electricity changed our life completely. This invention also gives birth to other inventions. All electric and electronic devices run with this power.
  7. Vehicles: All vehicles are the invention of Science. Presently we don’t use bulls or horses for a ride. Rather we use bus, car, train or plane for a ride.
  8. Medicines and Healthcare: Once upon a time, the life expectancy of human beings was only 20 years. It is now above 60 worldwide.
  9. Smartphone: It is the greatest invention of all in the last 20 or 30 years. It changed our life completely. Now everybody has two identities- one is physical and the other is virtual.
  10. Internet: The Internet evolves very quickly. We have seen so many generations in quick time. 1G, 2G, 3 G, 4G, 5G, and 6G that goes on.


So this is the list. But the list is not so short. Science is everywhere in our life. The funny thing is If anyone is told to live in a forest one day without science, he or she will use science to live without science.

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FAQ on Science

1. Who invented the computer?

Charles Babbage invented the computer in 1822.

2. What is the full form of TV?

The full form of TV is television.

3. Who is the father of Electricity?

Michael Faraday can be said the father of Electricity.

4. Who invented the internet?

Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn invented the internet.

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