Summary of Sea Fever (Poem) by John Masefield

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Summary of the Poem Sea Fever

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PoemSea Fever
PoetJohn Masefield
Question TypeSummary Writing
Word Limit120
Topic Info Table

Sea Fever Summary

The poet feels an uncontrollable urge to make sea voyages time and again. The lovely sea and limitless sky have an all-time attraction for him. To make the voyage, he just needs a ship to carry him along. Wind to puff his sail and the star (Noth Star) to guide him. Then e is ready to spend days and nights on the sea. He can not avoid the call of the running tide. He forgets himself when he gets a windy day, flying clouds, spray and spume of the sea; the scream of the seagull. he is eager to follow the path of the gulls and whales. There may be a biting cold but he will be very happy to hear interesting stories from a fellow sailor. After a long voyage, he longs for a quiet sleep and a sweet dream.

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FAQ from Sea Fever

1. What is the message of the poem sea fever?

Life is a journey. Rest means death. Everybody wants a life of one’s own terms.

2. What type of poem is sea fever?

Sea Fever is a passionate description of the seascape which reveals the eternal desire of man to seek the splendour of nature.

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