Spring Season Essay- 10 lines, 100 & 150 words

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Spring Season Essay

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Word Limit10 lines, 100 & 150 words
TopicSpring Season
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Spring Season Essay 10 lines

  1. The season of spring is the king of all seasons.
  2. It comes after the winter.
  3. In the spring nature changes her dress.
  4. The sky becomes blue and trees and flowers in the blossoms.
  5. South winds blow gently with birds singing.
  6. It spreads the sweet scent of flowers. 
  7. In the spring there is no rain. So men and women travel anywhere they like.
  8. The song of cuckoo pleases our ears.
  9. Many festivals like Holi and Mahavir Jayanti take place in Spring.
  10. So the spring season is dear to us.

The Spring Season Essay- 100 words

My favourite Season of the year is Spring. Like a king, it lands in February in India. Then The cold north of winter ceases blowing. A gentle breeze from the south begins to blow. Flowers bloom in trees. Birds start singing. Trees look lovely with tender new leaves. The weather becomes pleasant. It is neither hot nor cold. There is joy everywhere. Palash pleases the eye; plum pleases the tongue. We celebrate Holi, the festival of colour. There is colour in every mind. But good time always ends soon. Summer comes in April and Spring has to depart. Though it is short, still Spring is still my favourite season.

Spring Season Essay in English 150 words

Spring season is the best season of the year. Nature is now in her prettiest mood. In February winter takes his leave. Spring then comes like a king. A gentle breeze begins to blow from the south. Flowers begin to bloom, Bees start humming and Birds start singing. Trees look lovely with new tender leaves and colourful flowers. Cuckoo’s optimistic note fills the air. It is neither hot nor cold. There is no rain, no slush or slime. The weather is pleasant. Nature looks lovely and gay. There is also joy in every heart. We celebrate Holi, the festival of colour. The colour of the mind is seen on the face. But good time doesn’t last long. April comes soon. The searing summer comes to replace the refreshing spring. And my favourite season bid goodbye for the year.

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FAQ on Spring Season

1. How many seasons are there in a year?

There are four seasons in a year. They are summer, autumn, winter and spring.

2. Name a festival of the spring season.

Holi is the most famous festival of the spring season in India.

3. Name some flowers of the Spring Season.

Palas, Simul and Royal Poinciana are some flowers of Spring and are Found in India.

4. In which month does Spring set in India?

In India, Spring Season sets in in the month of February.

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