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Production of Steel Process Writing

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Using the following flow chart write a paragraph on how steel is produced./ Describe the process of Steel production in 100 words.

Flow Chart- iron ore — mixed with coke and lime — taken to blast furnace — melted under high temperature — melting for purification — add carbon — steel.

Steel Manufacturing (Production)

Steel is the backbone of modern civilisation. No nation can develop without it. Steel is an alloy. It is produced in factories. It is produced through the following steps. At first, iron ore is collected from mines. Then it is mixed with coke (a type of coal) and lime. The mixture is then taken to the blast furnace. It is now melted under high temperatures. It is then called pig iron. Later it is mixed with carbon and melted again. Then impurities in the iron are gone. Finally, steel is produced and sent to the market for consumption.

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FAQ on Steel:

1. What is Steel in short?

Steel is an alloy of iron. It is made of iron, carbon and lime.

2. How is steel produced step by step?

There are several ways to produce steel, but most modern steel plants use what is called the basic oxygen furnace (BOF) process or the electric arc furnace (EAF) process. Here is a general overview of how steel is made using the BOF method:

1. Raw materials such as iron ore, coal, and limestone are collected.
2. The raw materials are mined and then transported to a steel plant.
3. The raw materials are prepared for the blast furnace by crushing and mixing them into a substance called a sinter.
4. The sinter is then placed on a platform called a sinter plant, where it is subjected to heat and pressure to form a strong, porous mass.
5. The sinter is then transported to the blast furnace, which is a large, cylindrical furnace made of steel.
6. Inside the blast furnace, the sinter is combined with coke (a fuel made from coal) and limestone.
7. A blast of hot air is injected into the furnace, causing the coke to burn and produce carbon monoxide gas. This gas helps to reduce the iron ore to iron.
8. As the iron is reduced, it begins to melt and collect at the bottom of the furnace.
9. The molten iron is then tapped (poured out) from the furnace and poured into moulds or castings to form various shapes.
10. The molten iron is now called “pig iron,” and it still contains a relatively high amount of carbon.
11. The pig iron is then transported to a steelmaking plant, where it is converted into steel through the process of refining.
12. In the refining process, the pig iron is combined with other materials, such as scrap steel and alloying elements, and placed in a basic oxygen furnace (BOF).
13. Oxygen is blown through the molten iron, which causes the carbon to burn off and the other impurities to be removed.
14. The result is a strong, flexible material called steel.

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