Summary of The Passing Away of Bapu (Full Story) Class 10

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The Passing Away of Bapu Summary

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Question TypeSummary Writing
TopicThe Passing Away of Bapu
AuthorNayantara Sehgal
SourceBliss Class X
Basic Info Table

Unit 1 Summary of The Passing Away of Bapu

The authoress was having tea in the evening. She was informed that Gandhiji had been shot. She left for Birla House.

Gandhiji died and his relatives and followers encircled his body. There was a deep silence in the room. The news spread fast and mourning people gathered around the Birla House.

At first, people were overwhelmed by the shock of the news. After the initial shock was over, they were crying bitterly and trying to break into the room. But they calmed a little after the announcement that they would be allowed to see Bapu.

Gandhiji’s death left people visionless. Everyone was in doubt about the future of the people of India.

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Unit 2 Summary of The Passing Away of Bapu

The funeral took place a day after the death. Thousands of people joined the procession and thousands more were by the roadside to see the procession.

The authoress with a few of her friends joined the procession. While she was marching, an epiphanic realisation dawned upon her. The people are mourning not only because Gandhiji was dead but also because they called upon the recent history of India where they walked with him many times. Gandhiji brought them out of ignorance and pioneered the joyful effort of struggle.

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Unit 3 Summary of The Passing Away of Bapu

After a few days, Gandhiji’s ashes were carried to Allahabad on a special train. People were singing prayers and Bhajans. The ashes were immersed into the Ganges. Thousands of people gathered at the bank to witness the last rite.

After returning to Delhi, The authoress felt visionless and baffled. Though she had no direct connection with Gandhiji, still she felt at sea. somewhat unsecured and unguided.

Gradually she overcame such feelings. She thought that Gandhiji was no more and she must be strong. It is her duty along with the younger generation of India to carry out the banners of Gandhiji’s idealism.


1. Who is the author of The Passing Away of Bpu?

Nayantara Sehgal was the author of The Passing Away of Bapu.

2. What is the source of the Passing Away of Bapu?

Prison and Chocolate Cake, a memoir of Nayantara Sehgal is the source of the text The Passing Away of Bapu.

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