Summer Season Essay- 10 lines,100 & 200 words

Dear Learners, this Article is about Summer Season Essay. In this article, you will find 4 essays. The first one is in 10 lines; the second one is in 100 words and the third one is in 150 words. There is also a bonus My favourite season summer at the end. So choose the one which is suitable for you and continue reading.

Summer Season Essay

Dear students, first take a look at the table below. It is about the marks and word limit of the essay. Just look at it and continue reading.

Writing TypeParagraph / Essay
Word Limit75, 100, 125,
Marks8, 10 & 12
TopicSummer Season
Summer Short Note

Summer Season Essay in English 10 lines

  1. Nature is not always pleasant.
  2. She looks angry in summer.
  3. April and May are summer months.
  4. The sun is now very hot.
  5. Our clothes become wet with sweat.
  6. Summer days are long, and Heat and dust often make us sick.
  7. We suffer from scarcity of water as water bodies dry up.
  8. But the season offers us sweet mangoes and litchis.
  9. The gardenia spreads a sweet smell.
  10. Then the rain comes to soothe our sufferings of summer.

Summer Season Paragraph 100 words

The hot summer is not kind to us. In April and May, the sun seems very angry. The weather is very hot and sultry. As a result, Our clothes become wet with sweat. We suffer in the summer season. We can’t eat well, work well or sleep well. Ponds and canals go dry in rural areas. There is an acute scarcity of drinking water everywhere. Sometimes diseases like cholera and dysentery break out. In cities heat and load-shedding make life more miserable. But summer is not completely bad. The season offers us sweet mangoes and litchis. The gardenia also spreads a sweet smell. We can’t ignore summer. It has its value. It invites the refreshing rains.

Summer Season Essay 200 words

The hottest season in India is the Summer season. Most people dislike it. In April and May, the sun seems very angry and spits fire. Sometimes the heat crosses 45 degrees Celcius. Everybody suffers greatly in summer. Many animals, birds and human beings die in summer due to heat waves or scarcity of water. In rural areas, ponds and canals go dry. It is more distressing for animals and birds. We too suffer from various health problems. We can not eat well or sleep well. Diseases like cholera, dengue and dysentery break out in many places.

But summer is not completely bad. A gentle breeze from the south cools our hearts in the evening. Sweet Mangoes and juicy litchis are the fruits of summer. The gardenia spreads a sweet smell. Though summer has many sufferings, it has its importance too. It invites rain. And when the rain comes it gradually takes its depart.

My Favourite Season is Summer

  1. Summer is my favourite Season.
  2. The weather is warm and no one needs winter clothes.
  3. Nature becomes so lovely in summer.
  4. My favourite fruit mango grows in summer.
  5. The best part of summer is summer vacation.
  6. Schools are closed on summer vacation.
  7. So We can spend the whole day playing.
  8. We generally go for a trip in the hills in summer
  9. We also go to our ancestral village to meet our grandfather.
  10. So the summer season is the best season and is my favourite season.

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FAQ on Summer Season

1. What are the summer months?

April and May are the summer months.

2. Name some fruits of the summer season.

Mangoes and Litchis are some fruits of the summer season.

3. Name some vegetables of the summer season.

Pumpkin, gourd and Watermelon are some vegetables of the summer season.

4. What is the best about the summer season?

Summer vacation is the best thing about the summer season.

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