(Superstition Essay) 100 words Paragraph for classes 9 & 10

The article is an essay on superstition. The word limit of the essay is 100 words. It is important for the students of class 9 and class 10 (Madhyamik). Read the paragraph carefully and try to compose a paragraph of your own. So let’s begin.

Superstition Essay 100 words

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Man is blessed with reason. Yet some men aren’t free from blind beliefs and foolish fears. That’s why superstitious practices still persist in our society. Men are trying to appease far-off planets. Mothers are making rituals during the solar eclipse. Even today one won’t start a journey if there is a sneeze from behind. The hooting of an owl or the moaning of a dog is still considered a bad omen. If a cat crosses one’s way, one is sure of an upcoming danger. Superstitious beliefs destroy self-confidence. They cause social evils. They, in fact, mar the progress of life. Only the spread of education can fight these irrational superstitions.

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FAQ on Superstition

1. What is superstition?

In short, superstition is dark belief. When a person believes something blindly and puts all logic aside. It is superstition.

2. What is the difference between superstition and belief?

The main difference is between the implication. Where a belief can be positive or negative, a superstition is always negative.

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