Supply of Drinking Water Process Writing 100 words

The paragraph is a processing writing about the supply of drinking water to the city. In this article, you will find how drinking water is supplied to Kolkata. The word limit of the essay is about 100 words. It is meant for the students of classes 9 and 10. So let’s begin.

Supply of Drinking Water Process Writing

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Writing TypeProcessing
Word Limit100
TopicWater Supply
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The flow chart below shows how drinking water is supplied to Kolkata from Palta water works. Study the chart and describe the process in 100 words

Flow Chart: Extraction of raw water — purification by mixing alum — reservation in big tanks — filtration in filter beds — delivery/supply — taken into pressure house — testing — super purification in filter houses– chlorine charged

Supply of Drinking Water

Water is life. We can not live without water. The water of the Ganga is the main source of drinking water in the city. It is purified in Palta before supplying. It would be very interesting to know how we get the water we drink. At first, water is pumped from the Ganga. It is then purified by mixing alum and is reserved in big tanks. Next, the water is filtered into filter beds. Then the water is mixed with Chlorin to make it germ-free. Then quality check of the water is done. Now the water is sent to the pressure hose. Finally, we get the water we drink in our houses.

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FAQ on water supply

1. Is supplied water safe to drink?

Yes, supplied water from the municipality and corporation is safe to drink because it goes through chlorination and filtration.

2. What is the water supply?

Supply means giving something with or without price. Water supply simply means giving water. Most human habitats have a steady source of water supply. It is essential for sustaining.

3. What is drinking water?

Water which is free from impurities and germs is drinking water.

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