Tales of Bhola Grandpa Question Answer- Class 9 Chapter 1

The following article is about the question answer from the Tales of Bhola Grandpa. Here all the question-answers from the text, as well as some extra MCQ and SAQ questions and answers, are included in this article. Please study them carefully and practise for better scores.

Textual Question Answer Tales of Bhola Grandpa

Dear learner, please look at the following table. It is about the marks and question type of the text. Just look at it and continue reading.

TextTales of Bhola Grandpa
AuthorManoj Das
Question TypeMCQ, SAQ & Descriptive
Marks1, 2 & 10
Topic General info


1. In the Bokal tree there lived-

(a) crows
(b) monkeys
(c) tigers
(d) sparrows

2. On the way back from the festival, Bhola Grandpa tightly held onto the two fingers of his

(a) son
(b) cousin
(c) grandson
(d) nephew

3. A gang of pirates were burying a

(a) large box
(b) small box
(c) large bag
(d) small bag

4. Bhola Grandpa was returning from the

(a) yearly market
(b) monthly market
(c) daily market
(d) weekly market

5. Bhola Grandpa died at the age of

(a) eighty-five
(b) ninety-five
(c) fifty-five
(d seventy-five


Answer the following questions within 15 words.

(a) When did Bhola Grandpa let out a loud wail?

Answer: Bhola Grandpa unmindfully slipped off his grandson’s two fingers. When Someone reminded him of this fact, he let out a loud wail.

(b) Where had the grandson found a cosy shelter?

Answer: The grandson of Bhola Grandpa had found a cosy shelter under a cow’s belly.

(c) What request did Bhola Grandpa make to the first man he saw on the mound?

Answer: Bhola Granpa made a request to the first man he saw on the mound for some water to drink.

(d) How old was Bhola Grandpa’s wife when he died?

Answer: At the time of Bhola Granpa’s death, his wife was eighty years old.


Answer the following questions within 25 words.

(a) Why was no real treasure found under the sand dunes?

Answer: No real treasure was found because Bhola Granpa admitted that it was a dream in his midday nap.

(b) What did the tiger do after Bhola Grandpa had climbed up the banyan tree?

Answer: When Bhola Granpa climbed up the banyan tree, the tiger roared and circled the tree many times. Then the tiger settled down under a bush without taking its eye off him.

(c) What was the reason of Bhola Grandpa’s death according to his wife? 

Answer: According to his wife the reason of Bhola Granpa’s death was that the forgetful Bhola Grandpa must have forgotten to breathe.

Grammar in use:


Change the mode of narration of the following sentences

(a) Bulbuli said to his friend, “Will you come tomorrow ?”

Bulbuli asked his friend whether he would come the next day.

(b) Paulami says, “l am fine.”

Paulami says that she is fine.

(C) The teacher said to the students, “Keep quiet.”

The teacher ordered the students to keep quiet.

(d) My mother said to me, “May your dreams come true.”

My mother prayed that my dreams might come true.

(e) The students said,” Sir, please allow us to play in the field.”

The students earnestly requested the teacher to allow them to play in the field.


In each of the sentences of the following passage, some articles and prepositions are used in an incorrect manner. Underline them and replace them with the appropriate ones:

On (In) an (a) winter night I was aboard a boat. It was a moonlit night full on (of) stars. The boat was anchored up (in)a great river. I was thrilled to see a (the) beauty on (of) nature.



Write a dialogue within 100 words on the need to ban the use of animals like tigers and lions as circus attractions [TOUCH THE LINK]

Hints: wild animals decreasing – treatment of animals in circuses-criminal offence-laws against such – need to be humane to animals


Write a story within 100 words using the given hints. Give a title to the story: [TOUCH THE LINK]

Hints: returning from an educational excursion by bus-night journey-sudden break down-tyres punctured-had to wait for two hours at a lonely place-tyres fixed-back home.

Extra MCQ Question Answer-Tales of Bhola Grandpa

1 Bhola Grandpa lived at the western end of the village with his-

a) mother
b) brother
c) father
d) wife

2. A small troop of monkeys lived in the

a) tamarind tree
b) banyan tree
c) bokal tree
d) mango tree

3. On a moonlit night the author was returning from

a) festival
b) weekly market
c) marriage party
d) relatives’ house

4. The night was

a) moonlit
b) dark
c) full of stars
d) semi-dark

5. All of a sudden Bhola Grandpa let out

a) a cry
b) a shout
c) a loud wail
d) a hearty laugh

6. Everyone in the party was

a) happy
b) sad
c) smiling
d) surprised

7. Bhola Granpa went to the festival with his

a) son
b) daughter
c) grandson
d) granddaughter

8. How many people accompanied the narrator’s father in the search?

a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

9. Bhola Granpa’s grandson took a cosy shelter under a

a) bull’s belly
b) a tree
c) shade
d) cow’s belly

10. Bhola Granpa told the narrator’s father and his friends that he had seen a

a) tiger
b) group of men
c) a large box
d) gang of pirates

11. Seeing the gang of pirates Bhola Granpa became

a) cool
b) angry
c) amused
d) very much excited

12. The gang of pirates were burying a large box under

a) the sand dunes
b) mud
c) sea
d) grave

13. The narrator’s father started looking for the

a) sand dues
b) seashore
c) small box
d) hidden treasure

14. Moonlight came in through the

a) tree
b) window
c) hole
d) clouds

15. Bhola Grandpa admitted that there was no real treasure

a) in the morning
b) in the afternoon
in the evening
d) at past midnight

15 More MCQ Question-Answer from Tales of Bhola Grandpa

16. Once Bhola Granpa had a great adventure in

a) Africa
b) the hills
c) the Sunderbans
d) the Bay of Bengal

17. In earlier days people travelled in Sunderbans after sunset

a) alone
b) in groups
c) with weapons
d) with guns

18. The distance between Bhola Grandpa and the Royal Bengal Tiger was about

a) five feet
b) five inches
c) five metres
d) five yards

19. The growl was of a

a) lion
b) tiger
c) dog
d) fox

20. Bhola Grandpa turned round and find the bright gaze of the

a) lion
b) wolf
c) snake
d) tiger

21. The tiger circled the tree about

a) five times
b) ten times
c) thousand times
d) hundred times

22. The tiger settled down under a

a) under a tree
b) under a bush
c) the sand dunes
d) a cow’s belly

23. The tiger was beating its tail on

a) bush
b) tree
c) dry leaves
d) green leaves

24. A group of men was on the-

a) tree
b) hill
c) Mountain
d) mound

25. Bhola Grandpa requested the first man on the mound for

a) food
b) water
c) shelter
d) weapon

26. The man had seen the tiger

a) roaming
b) sleeping
c) yawning
d) waiting

27. Bhola Grandpa recalled the-

a) the man
b) the mound
c) the lion
d) the hungry beast

28. When Bhola Grandpa died, his wife was

a) eighty year old
b) eighty-five year old
c) ninety year old
d) ninety-five year old

29. Bhola Granpa ran back –

a) to the tiger
b) to the mound
c) to the market
d) home

30. According to Bhola Granpa’s wife the cause of Bhola Grandpa’s death was

a) he forgot to take medicines
b) he forgot to take food
c) he forgot to take water
d) he forgot to breath

Extra SAQ Question Answer from Tales of Bhola Grandpa

1 Who wrote Tales of Bhola Grandpa?

Answer: Manoj Das, the famous bilingual short story writer wrote Tales of Bhola Grandpa.

2. Where has Tales of Bhola Grandpa taken from?

Answer: Tales of Bhola Grandpa has been edited from Bhola Grandpa and the Tiger.

3. Where did Bhola grandpa and his wife live?

Answer: In the Western end of the narrator’s village Bhola grandpa and his wife lived in a hut.

4. What overshadowed Bhola grandpa’s hut?

Answer: A large bokal tree overshadowed their hut.

5. Which animal lived in the Bokal tree?

Answer: A group of monkeys lived in the Bokal tree.

6. Where was Bhola Grandpa returning from one evening?

Answer: Bhola Grandpa was returning from the weekly market.

7. Whom did the narrator’s father choose for the search of the missing boy?

Answer: The narrator’s father chose two sharp-eyed men to go in search of Bhola Grandpa’s grandson.

8. What was another funny incident in the story?

Answer: Bhola Grandpa once saw pirates in his midday nap. But told that he really saw pirates burying a large box on the seashore of their village.

9. Who were howling?

Answer: A pack of jackals were howling.

10. Where did Bhola grandpa have a great adventure once?

Answer: Once Bhola Grandpa had a great adventure in Sunderbans.

11. When did people take special care in the Sundarbans?

Answer: People took special care to move in the Sundarbans after sunset.

12. Where did Bhola grandpa hear the growl of a royal Bengal tiger?

Answer: Bhola Grandpa heard the growl of a Royal Bengal Tiger at a distance of five yards behind.

13. Where did Bhola grandpa climb after seeing the tiger?

Answer: Bhola Grandpa climbed up a nearby Banyan tree after seeing the tiger.

14. What did the tiger do after Bhola grandpa climbed the tree?

Answer: The tiger roared and circled the tree a hundred times.

15. What did Bhola grandpa request the first man he saw on the mound?

Answer: Bhola Grandpa requested for water to the man he first saw on the mound.

16. Why was the man on the Mount confused?

Answer: The man was confused because Bhola Grandpa walked away the tiger bravely ignoring its presence.

17. Why did Bhola grandpa almost lose his senses?

Answer: Bhola Grandpa almost lost his senses remembering the tiger.

18. What did Bhola grandpa do remembering the tiger?

Answer: Remembering the tiger Bhola Grandpa looked at it and ran back home.

19. How old was Bhola grandpa when he passed away?

Answer: Bhola Grandpa passed away at the age of ninety-five.

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