Ted Hughes Short Biography 100 words

The following paragraph is a short biography of Ted Hughes, one of the greatest British writers of modern age. The paragraph is in 100 words and is intended for the students of class 9 and 10 of WBBSE, Madhyamik. So let’s begin.

Short Biography of Ted Hughes

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NameTed Hughes
TITLEPoet Laureates
Author Archives

Ted Hughes

Edward James is one of the noted poets of modern times. He was born on 17th August 1930 in Yorkshire, England. He published all his literary works under the pseudonym Daniel Harring. His first collection ” Hawk in the Rain” was published in 1957. His most well-known works include ‘Lupercal’, ‘Crow’, ‘Cave Birds’ and ‘Birthday Letters’. Children’s specific work ‘Meet My Folks’ was published in 1961. He wrote it while living in Massachusetts with his wife Sylvia Plath. He was appointed as Poet Laureate of England in 1984. This great poet breathed his last in 1998.

Achievements of Ted Hughes

The Queens Medal for Poetry1974
Time Magazine rankingThe Fifty Greatest British Writers since 1945 4th rank
Hughes’ Achievements

Famous books of Ted Hughes

The Hawk in the Rain1957
The Iron Man
Cave Birds
Tales from Ovid1997
Wolf Watching
Birthday Letters1998
Meet My Folks
Hughes’ Books

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FAQ on Ted Hughes

1. Who was Ted Hughes?

Ted Hughes was one of the greatest British writers of the post-50s.

2. When was Ted Hughes born?

Ted Hughes was born on 17th August 1930.

3. Where was Ted Hughes born?

Ted Hughes was born in Yorkshire, England.

4. How did Ted Hughes die?

Ted Hughes was suffering from Colon cancer and then he had a fatal heart attack. He died on 28th October 1998

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