The Boys And The Frogs- Short Moral Story- 100 words

Dear learner, the following The Boys And The Frogs moral story is from Aesop’s fable. Aesop was an ancient Greek storyteller. Please read the story and moral after it. So Let’s begin.

The Boys And The Frogs Moral Story

One afternoon it was drizzling. Some boys were playing in a field beside a pond. In the pond, some frogs were swimming merrily. The boys began to pelt stones at them. Many frogs became wounded. Some died. It became great fun for the boys. Then an old frog said, “Why are you throwing stones at us? We are not harmful to you.” The boys replied, “We are just playing.” The frog said, “Please stop this dangerous game. What is play to you is death to us.” The boys were ashamed. They stopped throwing stones.


One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

The Boys and the Frog Story (from Youtube)

The story in video form

Story TittleThe boys and the frogs
Word Limit100
Story TypeMoral Story
Article short note

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