The Butterfly Essay- 10 Lines & 100 words

Dear learner, are you looking for an essay on the butterfly? No problem, check two sets of sample 100 words essays on that pretty insect. Read the essays carefully and try to write an essay of your own.

The Butterfly: 10 Lines Essay

  • The butterfly is a small but beautiful insect.
  • On sunny days it flies among flowers. It is a friend of flowers.
  • Its long and thin body is divided into three parts.
  • These are the head, the thorax and the abdomen.
  • The butterfly has six legs and four colourful wings.
  • It looks so beautiful with its brightly coloured wings.
  • Folding the wings it sits on flowers and sucks honey.
  • It flies from flower to flower and helps to produce seeds.
  • The beauty of the butterfly pleases all.
  • But actually, it comes out from the covering of the hairy caterpillar.
  • The ugly caterpillar is changed into a lovely butterfly.

The Butterfly Essay (100 Words)

The butterfly is a tiny but wonderful insect. On fine days it flies from flowers to flowers. It is a friend of flowers. Its long thin body is divided into the head, thorax and abdomen. It has six legs and four wings. On the wings, there’s a whole world of colours. Folding the wings it sits on flowers and sucks honey. It also eats green leaves. The butterfly lives for a few weeks only. Before dying, the female butterfly lays eggs. Caterpillars come out from the eggs. From the covering of the hairy caterpillar comes out the beautiful butterfly. The colourful butterfly is really one of God’s best creations.

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Insect NameButterfly
HabitatTrees and Plants
Life Span1 Year (maximum)
Notes on butterfly

FAQ on Butterfly

1. How do you write a butterfly essay?

For composing a short essay, you should focus on two aspects. First, give a simple and apt physical description of the insect and then a few lines on the benefits and impact of the butterfly. Thus you can write a beautiful essay on this pretty insect.

2. What is a short note on a butterfly?

The butterfly is a colourful and beneficial insect. It is borns from the hairy caterpillar. The butterfly flies from flower to flower in search of honey. It helps flowers in pollination.

3. What is a butterfly for kids 10 lines?

1. Butterfly is an insect.
2. It is very colourful
3. It only drinks honey.
4. Butterfly has four wings.
5. It has six legs.
6. Butterfly is a friend of the farmers.
7. It helps in the pollination of the trees.
8. Caterpillar is the baby of the butterfly.
9. Its beauty pleases us.
10. It is the most beautiful among insects.

4. What can I write about a butterfly?

I have just answered the question in serial no 1. Please check the answer there. I have discussed everything in detail there.

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