The Cat and The Mice [Story Writing] with Moral- 80 & 100 Words

The following short moral story is about the cat and the mice in about 80 and 100 words writing. It is a very common story from Aeshop’s Fable. Please read the same and practise them in your exercise book.

The Cat and The Mice Story Writing

Dear learner, here is a small table about the word limit and marks distribution of the story. Just have a look at it and continue reading.

Question TypeStory Writing
Word Limit80 & 100
TopicThe Cat and The Mice
Question Info Table

Set 1- The Cat and The Mice Story

Some mice lived in an old house. One day a cat came there. She killed many mice every day. The mice I could not come out of their holes in fear of the cat. a To solve the problem one day they held a meeting. A young mouse said, “Let us tie a bell to the cat’s neck. It will warn us whenever she moves.” The plan pleased them. But an old mouse said, “Who will bell the cat?” All remained silent. qu The plan was dropped. Suddenly the mice saw the cat coming. They all ran away.

Moral of the story

It is easy to say but hard to do.

Set 2- The Cat And The Mice:

In a house, there were hordes of mice. They ate food and tore clothes. The owner was in trouble. He bought a cat. The cat began to kill the mice. The frightened mice held a meeting to find a way out. An idea to put a bell around the cat’s neck came up. All seconded the idea except an old mouse. “The idea is nice, but who will bell the cat ?” he wisely asked. All were silent.

Moral of the story

Easy to say but challenging to do.

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