The Cat Class 10 Question Answer (Exercise+Extra)

The following article is about the question answer of The Cat (class 10) Exercise and Extra. Read them carefully and practise them in the exercise book. Remember, practice makes a man perfect. So, let’s begin.

The Cat All Question Answer

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The Cat Exercise Question Answer (Class 10)

As you know, The Cat has 3 units. So better clarification, I have divided the question-answers into three parts like the following

The Cat Unit 1 Exercise

1 Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

(a) Most people think that cat is-

i) wise
ii) unintelligent
iii) clever
iv) intelligent

(b) The cat cares little for anything but mice and-

i) soup
ii) juice
iii) water
iv) milk

(c) One can see the cat as he really is in the-

i) morning
ii) night
iii) Afternoon
iv) evening

2. Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The cat really has more character than most human beings and gets a great deal more satisfaction out of life.

(b) The cat sometimes watches a mouse hole for an hour or two- just to keep himself from dying of boredom.

All day long the cat allows himself to be pestered by the attention of the people in the house.

3. State whether the following statements are True or False. Please provide sentences /phrases /words in support of your answer:

(a) The cat is not fond of ease. FALSE

Supporting Statement: ” … The cat is an unintelligent animal, fond of ease and caring little for anything but mice and milk.”

(b) The cat has no athletic skills. FALSE

Supporting Statement: ” he or she is an athlete, an acrobat and a grim fighter.”

(c) The cat takes things very easily. TRUE

Supporting Statement: “All day long the cat loafs about the house, takes things easy and allows himself to be pestered by the attention of the people in the house.”

The Cat Unit 2 Exercise Class 10

4. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

(a) The cat rubs himself against the legs of the family members and noisily-

i) purrs
ii) howls
iii) barks
iv) mews

(b) With tears and rage in his eyes, the guest affects to be very much-

i) amused
ii) annoyed
iii) unhappy
iv) upset

(c) The guest hands down the cat a bit of-

i) meat
ii) fruit
iii) fish
iv) vegetable

5. Fill in the chart with information from the text:

The guest calls the catPoor pussy
part of the guest’s body that the cat rakesleg
The thing from which the cat stays at a safe distancethe guest’s boot
Page 57 chart

6. Answer the following questions:

(a) When does the cat make an appearance to get his share of food?

Answer: When the family sits down to tea, the cat puts in an appearance to get his share of food.

(b) Who is the cat particularly civil to?

Answer: If there is a guest at the table, the cat is particularly civil to him.

(c) How does the cat receive the bit of fish handed down by the guest?

Answer: The cat gingerly receives the bit of fish with a look in his eye that says, “Another time, my friend, you won’t be so slow to understand.”

The Cat Unit 3 Exercise Class 10

7. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

(a) The cat sauntered down his own

i) courtyard
ii) front yard
iii) backyard
iv) shipyard

(b) The cat skips to the roof of an empty

i) room
ii) shade
iii) floor
iv) corridor

(c) Exiled in a new land, the cat would have to learn new-

i) history
ii) manner
iii) culture
iv) geography

8. Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) When the family gathers around the fire, the cat casually goes out of the room.

(b) The cat droops his head nearly to his paws and sends across a call to his kind.

(c) Cats go for sport to the suburban backyards as these backyards that are dull to us, are to them hunting grounds where they have more gallant adventure than King Arthur’s knights ever had.

9. Fill in the chart with information from the text.

The cat has many enemiesHe looks keenly from side to side and moves noiselessly
To see if every muscle is in full working order.The cat stretches himself a few times
The cat knows his friends and every landmarkThe cat doesn’t like to leave his country, the land where all his friends are
fill in chart page 60

Grammar exercise class 10 the cat

10. Split the following sentences

a) They postponed their visit as the programme was called off

They postponed their visit. The programme was called off.

b) Having fought the battle, he returned victorious.

He had fought the battle. He returned victorious.

c) He poured some water into the glass and drank it

He poured some water into the glass. He drank it.

d) He was afraid lest he be proved guilty.

He is afraid. He is proved guilty.

1. He is wise. He is brave. (join)

He is wise and brave.

2. My Grandfather lives in a big house. The house is by the river. (join)

My grandfather lives in a big house which is by the river.

3. I got a new book. I felt happy. (join)

I felt happy for getting a new book. or I felt happy because I got a new book

4. Muskan is sick. She could not attend the function. (join)

As Muskan is sick, she could not attend the function.

Writing Activity The Cat

12. Suppose you are the secretary of a club which has decided to open a library. Write a notice (within 100 words) to the members of your club inviting them to actively join this programme by donating books for the library.

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The Cat Extra Question Answer (Class 10)

Dear learner, here are a few MCQ question-answer from the story The Cat. I have divided the questions into three parts namely units 1, 2 and 3. So let’s begin. If you want other types of questions too, please feel free to comment.

The Cat Unit 1 Extra MCQ Question Answer (Class 10)

1 The author of the text is-

a) Lucy Montgomery
b) R K Narayan
c) Kevin Peterson
d) Andrew Barton Paterson

2. Most people do not think that the cat is-

a) wise
b) intelligent
c) unintelligent
d) pleasure-loving

3. Many people think that the cat is-

a) careful
b) dull
c) serious
d) intelligent

4. The cat is fond of-

a) adventure
b) hunting
c) ease
d) playing

5. Cat has really more characters than most-

a) animals
b) human beings
c) dogs
d) bird

6. Out-of-life cat gets-

a) satisfaction
b) joy
c) pleasure
d) money

7. Cats are accepted as-

a) mysterious
b) athletes
c) inert
d) players

8. The cat roams about the house-

a) for a few minutes
b) all day long
c) ceaselessly
d) for a minute or two

9. The cat watches a mouse hole for-

a) one hour
b) two hour
c) one hour or two
d) all the times

10. The cat watches the mousehole as-

a) an entertainment
b) pastime
c) priority
d) necessity

The Cat Unit 2 Extra MCQ Question Answer (Class 10)

1 The family sits down to-

a) coffee
b) breakfast
c) lunch
d) tea

2. The cat rubs himself against-

a) the table
b) the trousers
c) the legs
d) the hands

3. The cat rubs himself against the legs of the family members to-

a) show love
b) get some food
c) express happiness
d) express gratitude

4. The cat is, particularly civil to-

a) a parting guest
b) a guest at the table
c) the neighbours
d) it’s master

5. The cat is civil to a guest when he is at the-

a) garden
b) table
c) study
d) bed

6. When any guest comes the cat becomes-

a) civil
b) upset
c) annoyed
d) furious

7. The guest strokes the cat and says he is-

a) poor baby
b) cute cat
c) sweet baby
d) poor pusy

8. The cat rakes the guest

a) desperately
b) repeatedly
c) quietly but firmly
d) noisily

9. When the cat becomes bored getting no food, he rakes the guest in the

a) finger
b) hand
c) leg
d) head

10. When the cat scratches the guest, the family is

a) disappointed
b) angry
c) ashamed
d) amused

Unit 2 Five extra MCQ question answer

11. Though scratched by the claws, the guest dares not to

a) give food to the cat
b) kill the cat
c) kick the cat
d) give food to the cat

12. Racked by the cat, the guest actually wanted to

a) run away
b) retaliate
c) smile
d) cry

13. When the guest gives a bit of fish to the cat the guest is

a) amused
b) unhappy
c) elated
d) happy

14. The guest hand down a bit of

a) fruit
b) meat
c) fish
d) biscuit

15. While receiving the food, the cat is

a) careless
b) funny
c) proud
d) careful

The Cat Unit 3 Extra MCQ Question Answer (Class 10)

1 ‘True life now begins for him’. ‘Now’ refers to

a) noon
b) morning
c) Evening
d) dawn

2. The cat lightly drops down to the other side of the

a) shade
b) fence
c) window
d) roof

3. The word lithe means

a) determined
b) steady
c) graceful
d) bold

4. The enemies of the cat are

a) little boy with stones
b) dog
c) both
d) none

5. The cat stretches himself a few times

a) once
b) twice
c) a few times
d) never

6. He sends a call to his

a) Enemy
b) master
c) killers
d) partners

7. The hunting ground of the cat is

a) the graveyard
b) the backyard
c) the churchyard
d) all of these

8. King Arthur‘s knights are compared to

a) the cat
b) the guest
c) the children with stones in hand
d) brave human beings

9. Cats are less fond of the people of their home and more fond of

a) their land
b) their country
c) their home
d) their reproach

10. The cats are very adventurous in the

a) home
b) field
c) backyard
d) table

11. The cat received his share from the guest-

a) eagerly

b) quickly

c) carefully

d) noisily

12. The cats are generally meak creatures-

a) before the evening

b) after the evening

c) before the guests

d) before his kindered

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Who is the author of the cat?

Andrew Barton Paterson is the author of The Cat.

What is the people’s opinion about the cat?

Most people consider that the cat is an unintelligent animal and fond of ease. It loves mice and milk

What is the author’s opinion about the cat?

The author opines that a cat has a greater personality than a human being. It gets more satisfaction from life too.

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