The characters of All About a Dog

The story All About a Dog is full of interesting characters. Some amuse us and some give us insights about human characteristics. Well, let us explore some important characters in the story and know more about them.

The Characters of All About a Dog

Dear learner, here is a list of the important characters. Look at them and check the details after the table

SL NoName
1The younger woman
2The conductor
3The narrator
4The Policeman
5Other passengers
Characters list

The young women

she is the woman around whose actions the story revolves. When she boards the bus, she carries a little Pekinese dog with her. It is for this reason that the conductor of the bus refuses to allow her to sit in the bus. He asks her to leave or shift to the top of the double-decker bus. She does not do as she is asked to. She comes across as a woman who stands up for her actions. Her love for pets is also clearly visible. However, for the greater good, she finally agrees to do as asked.

The conductor

A strict fellow, the conductor is not ready to go against the rules. He seems irritated at the fact that he has to bear all the cold while the passengers can sit inside the warm. Just like the lady passenger defending her own point, the conductor too appears to stick to his rules of not allowing any animals in his bus. He even boasts of the law being on his side. The conductor, in keeping with the rules forgets to keep up with humanity. He desperately stuck to his point and made the women do something that could have been easily excused. His acceptance of the narrator’s advice at the end manages to weaken the bad impression the readers had about him.

The narrator

He is a passenger in the bus and notices all that happens. He also points out the conductor’s mistakes. Later he explains to the conductor where he went wrong. This also projects the softness of the narrator who was not happy at the final outcome of the entire event that the women had to go through. He is of the view that rules are made for humans and should be dealt in a way that can be helpful and not problematic. The narrator appears to be a sensible man.

The policeman

One policeman who comes across in the short story seems irresponsible and someone who does not know to solve a tense situation. The policeman saw the confusion occurring in the bus, heard the complaints of the passengers, supported the conductor for following the rules and left.

The passengers

Other than the young woman and the narrator, there were many other passengers in the bus. All the passengers are seen to extend their support to the woman when she was forced by the conductor to change her place or leave the bus. They also are good when the conductor wrongly stopped the bus causing problems for the passengers. Among them some notable characters are

  • The older woman-companion
  • The male companion
  • An old woman

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