The Characters of Our Runaway Kite by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Our Runaway Kite Characters

Philippa LeeteNarrator
Claude LeeteBrother
Aunt EstherAunt
Characters Info Table

1 Philippa Leete:

Filippa Leete is the narrator of the story. She was eleven years old. She lived in the Big Half Moon with her brother Claude and her father. Every year they went to the mainland in winter. She was curious of mind. Sometimes she wondered why they had no relatives. She was also soft in mind. Once she asked her father about their relatives, her father moaned. She was so sorry that she never again asked her father about their relatives. Philippa is a good sister too. She said that she never had a quarrel with her brother.

2. Claude Leeete:

Claude is the elder brother. He was twelve years old. With his sister and father, he lived in the Big Half Moon. He is fond of kite making. A boy on the mainland taught Claude how to make kites. He with her sister made a lot of kites. They used to play pirates and the cave.

3. Father:

He is the father of Philippa and Claude. He was the keeper of the lighthouse on Big Half Monn Island and he was a very sensible father. Claude and Philippa had no complaints against him. In his childhood, he left his home after a quarrel with his brother. But some years later when he returned home, he was astonished to find none in their house. His personal life was full of sorrow. He lost his parents, his brother, his sister and his wife. But at the end of the story, we find that he has found his long-lost sister.

Other Important Characters of Our Runaway Kite

Apart from Claude, Philippa and Father, there are a few important characters in the story. They are Aunt Esther, Dick and Mimi.

4. Aunt Esther:

Aunt Esther is the sister of Philippa’s father. She was a widow and the mother of Dick and Mimi. She lived hundreds of mile inland. After reading the letter on the kite, she realised she was not alone. Her brother lived. She longed to reunite with her brother. She wrote a letter to the Big Half Moon and finally reunited.

5. Dick and Mimi:

Dick and Mimi are the children of Aunt Esther and the cousins of Claude and Philippa. They are very jolly. They play an important role in reuniting both families.

There is little mention of the other characters. But there are some like the children and the neighbouring people on the mainland. People pitted them as they had to live in isolation.

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FAQ on the Characters from Our Runaway Kite

1. What is age of Claude?

Claude is twelve years old

2. How old is Philippa?

Philippa is 11 years old.

3. Where did Philippa and Claude live?

Philippa and Claude live on the Big Half Moon Island.

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