The Cow Essay 10-15 lines & 400 words [5 sets]

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The Cow Essay

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Writing TypeEssay
Length10 & 15 lines
TopicThe Cow
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The cow essay 10 lines Set 1

  1. The cow is a domestic animal.
  2. It has four legs and two horns.
  3. It eats grass and herbs.
  4. Cows give us milk.
  5. Many items like ghee, butter, and curd are made from milk.
  6. The bulls plough the field and help the farmers in farming.
  7. Many people use dried cow dung as fuel for cooking.
  8. Farmers also use cow dung as organic manure in the field.
  9. Many people worship and love Cow.
  10. So we should be respectful towards the cows for their contribution to our society.
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Essay on Cow 15 lines Set 2

  1. The cow is a domestic creature.
  2. It is a gregarious herbivore.
  3. In India, it bears a special significance.
  4. Many Indians worship cows.
  5. The cow plays an important role in the rural economy.
  6. The cow is a mammal.
  7. It has four legs, two ears, two horns, two eyes, and a tail.
  8. The colour of the fur varies from breed to breed.
  9. There are many breeds with unique features.
  10. Cows help us in many ways.
  11. The bull ploughs the fields pulls carts and even works in oil mills.
  12. The cows give us milk.
  13. From milk, we prepare sweets, butter ghee, and so many things.
  14. So the cow is a very important animal for us.
  15. We should be thankful to cows for their contribution.

The Cow Essay 10 lines Set 3

  1. The cow is a domestic animal.
  2. She is very gentle in nature.
  3. She has four legs, two horns and a tail.
  4. Her eyes are big and beautiful.
  5. The cow is found in many colours.
  6. The cow is a herbivore.
  7. She eats grass leaves and Straw.
  8. The cow gives us milk.
  9. We drink milk for health.
  10. From milk curd, butter, ghee etc. are made.
  11. Bulls draw carts and plough fields.
  12. Cow dung is used for manure and fuel.
  13. Many things are made from the body of a dead cow.
  14. Living or dead, the cow is useful to us.
  15. We must be grateful to this helpful animal.

The Cow Essay 15 lines 100 words

  1. The cow is a very useful and gentle animal.
  2. She has a pair of horns, four thin legs and a long tail.
  3. Her eyes are big and beautiful.
  4. Her tall body is covered with soft fur.
  5. Cows are found in almost all countries.
  6. They are of different sizes and colours.
  7. The chief food of a cow is green grass.
  8. She also eats straws and leaves.
  9. Bulls draw carts and plough lands.
  10. The cow gives us many things.
  11. The best thing she gives is milk.
  12. It is sweet and nourishing.
  13. Cow dung is used as manure and fuel.
  14. Many articles are made from the body of a dead cow.
  15. Living or dead, the cow is very useful for us.

The Cow Essay in English 400 words

The cow is an important part of rural India. The agricultural sector of India is highly dependent on cows till now. The dependence on cows can be discussed in the following points.

SpeciesB. Taurus
Scientific Classification of Cow

The impotence of cows in rural India:

The cow is an integral part of the rural Indian economy. The rural economy is based on farming and agriculture. So Cows provide value to both sectors. The bulls plough the farmland and carry crops from the farmland and The cows provide milk. Farmers use cow dung in the farmland as organic manure. Some farmers also use cow dung as fuel instead of firewood or gas.

History of Domestication:

Humans domesticated the cow in Bronze Age (3500 BC). Emblems of bulls were found on sites of the Harappan Civilisation. In the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva has Nandi(the bull) as his Bahana (carrier). There were tales of Lord Krishna grazing the cows. So the cow had a long history of domestication.

Apart from the rural economy, many other industries around the world are solely or partly dependent on cows.

Dairy Industry:

Almost all human beings on earth consume dairy products. Products like milk, pasteurized milk, curd, butter, and ghee all are made from cow milk. Many Indians earn their livelihood from cow milk. Thereafter Brands like Amul, and Mother Dairy are dependent on these farmers.

Beef Industry:

Though there is no formalized beef industry in India, still there are many whose earnings depend upon the beef industry.

Leather Industry:

More than 70% of the leather industry solely depends on the rawhide of cows. Leather jackets, purses, belts, and shoes all are made from the leather of the cows. Other products like seat cover for cars and sofas are also made from leather.

Importance of cow dung:

Cow dung which is the poop of cows has many uses. It is good organic manure. Naturally, It enriches the crop fields with good bacteria. Many farmers use it instead of firewood. Eco-friendly paintings for the wall are made from cow dung. Biogas is also produced from cow dung. So cow dung has great importance in society.

Cow Breeds:

There are many Indian breeds like Gir, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Hallikar, AmritMahal, and Khillari. Farmers also like Foreign breeds like Jersey for their better milk production capacity.


Though it is livestock, many Indians see it as Gomata- the cow mother. Cows have special importance in Indian Society. Sometimes the difference in view spoils social harmony. We should maintain social harmony and work together for the prosperity of the country.

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FAQ on Cow

1. What is the main importance of the cow in society?

Ans: Cows give us milk and do the heavy work for the farmers.

2. Is the cow, bull and the ox same?

Ans: Yes, they are the same animal. The difference is in gender.

3. Is milk nutritious?

Ans: Yes milk is nutritious. It is full of all essential minerals and nutrients.

4. Is leather produced from cow skin?

Ans: Yes leather is produced from cow skin.

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