The Importance of Good Health Paragraph- 100 words for class 10

In the examination, you are sometimes asked to write a paragraph in 100 to 120 words on the importance of good health. The following paragraph is in 100 words for class 10. Read the paragraph carefully and try to compose a paragraph of your own.

Write a paragraph in 100 to 120 words on the importance of good health.

Dear learner, before you start reading, please have a look at the following table. It is about the word limit, marks and question type of the paragraph. Have a look at it and continue reading.

Question TypeParagraph
Word Limit100
TopicImportance of good health
Topic Info Table

The Importance of Good Health Paragraph

Good health is a great blessing. Good health means a diseaseless body and mind. A healthy man is physically fit. He is mentally active. He knows what is right and what is wrong. Such a man enjoys life. To live well we need money. But money can’t buy health. A man in ill health can’t enjoy wealth. He always remains gloomy. So health is called wealth. To keep good health we must take a balanced diet and regular exercise. We must also think good, do good and feel good. Good health is a matter of the body. It’s also a matter of the mind. It is a man’s best asset. But, it is sad, most men feel it only when they lose it.

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FAQ on Health

1. What are the most important things to follow for good health?

To maintain good health one must maintain three things- 1. Good Food, 2. Healthy Life Style, 3. Regular Physical Exercise.

2. How important is good health in one’s life?

Good health makes our lives beautiful. It is best understood when one’s health deteriorates.

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