The Passing Away of Bapu MCQ Questions & Answers Class 10

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The Passing Away of Bapu MCQ Questions & Answers

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Question TypeMCQ
SourceThe Passing Away of Bapu
AuthorNayantara Sehgal
Question Source Table

Unit 1 MCQ Questions & Answers

1. The text “The Passing Away of Bapu is an extract from-

  • A) Rich Like Us
  • B) Prison and Chocolate Cake
  • C) The Passing Away of Bapu
  • D) On the Way of Peace

2. The text is an extract from a /an-

  • A) autobiography
  • B) biography
  • C) memoir
  • D) historical novel

3. The author at home on the evening of 30th January 1948 was having.-

  • A) coffee
  • B) juice
  • C) tea
  • D) fruits

4. The narrator had come to know the shocking news of Bapuji’s death-

  • A) at night
  • B) in the evening
  • C) at dawn
  • D) in the morning

5. Gandhiji was short on-

  • A) 30th July 1948
  • B) 30th April 1948
  • C) 30th January 1948
  • D) 30th June 19486.

6. The narrator came to know of Gandhiji’s death by-

  • A) a letter
  • B a telegram
  • C)a telephone call
  • D) the broadcast

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7. When Gandhiji died the authoress was-

  • A) at home
  • B) abroad
  • C) on a public meeting
  • D) at Birla House

8. Gandhiji was shot while he was going to-

  • A) Birla House
  • B) a prayer meeting
  • C) a protest march
  • D) meet the narrator

9. As the authoress got into the car she-

  • A) fainted
  • B was weeping
  • C) was numb with shock
  • D) numb with surprise

10. The narrator went to Birla House by/on-

  • A) train
  • B) foot
  • C) horse-drawn carriage
  • D) car

11. On hearing the news of Gandhiji’s death, the authoress rushed to the-

  • A) Raj Bhawan
  • B) Sabarmati Ashram
  • C) Parliament of India
  • D) Birla House

12. On his deathbed at the Birla House, Gandhiji was surrounded by-

  • A) mourning people
  • B) leaders of the National Congress
  • C) his followers
  • D) his relatives and followers

13. Gandhiji’s followers and relatives assembled at-

  • A) the Sabarmati Ashram
  • B) the Birla House
  • C) Delhi
  • D) Gandhi Bhaban

14. The words of Bapuji’s death spread like-

  • A) fire in a forest
  • B) fire in a straw
  • C) flame fanned by the wind
  • D) fire inflamed by the fuel

15. The news of Bapu’s death spread through-

  • A) Delhi
  • B) Bombay
  • C) Kolkata
  • D) Ahmedabad

16. The brown blur of faces outside Birla House were of-

  • A) policemen
  • B) mourners from all walks of life
  • C) invited guests
  • D) Gandhiji’s relatives and followers

17. An unnatural silence prevailed in the beginning because –

  • A) there were no loudspeakers
  • B) people had been ordered to be silent
  • C) people were stunned
  • D Gandhiji preferred silence

18. “They jostled one another in a stampede”- They are-

  • A) the authoress and her sisters
  • B) Nayantara Sehgal and Padmasi
  • C) the followers of Gandhiji
  • D) the journalists

19. People jostled one another in a stampede to-

  • A) join the prayer meeting
  • B) touch Bapu’s feet
  • C talk with Gandhiji’s relatives
  • D) enter the Birla House by force to see Bapu

20. The people were pacified when it was announced that-

  • A) they would be allowed to enter the Birla House half an hour later
  • B they would be allowed to see Gandhiji before the funeral
  • C) they would be allowed to join Gandhiji’s funeral procession
  • D) all of these

21. On hearing the news of Gandhiji’s death people were initially-

  • A) too stunned to speak
  • B) numb with shock
  • C) stupefied
  • D) excited to break into the Birla House

22. The grieved people looked-

  • A) like orphans
  • B) like lost children
  • C) visionless
  • D) directionless

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Unit 2 MCQ Questions & Answers

23. People lined the route of Gandhiji’s funeral procession-

  • A) hours later
  • B) hours before
  • C) days later
  • D) minutes before.

24. “We will walk”-The proposal was given by –

  • A) Padmasi
  • B) Nayantara
  • C) Sarojini Naidu
  • D) Indira Gandhi.

25. “It was an agonizing walk”- The walk refers to-

  • A) rally of the non-cooperation movement
  • B) rally of civil disobedience
  • C) Gandhiji’s funeral procession
  • D) none

26. The experience of walking in Gandhiji’s funeral procession was-

  • A) exciting
  • B) nostalgic
  • C) agonising
  • D) eventful

27. Bapu’s dead body lay on-

  • A) open jeep
  • B) bamboo couch
  • C) open platform
  • D) open truck.

28. Bapu lay on an open truck that was –

  • A) decorated with flowers
  • B) decorated with Bapu’s pictures
  • C) broken
  • D) attacked by a mob.

29. It was impossible to move in the thick crowd as-

  • A) thousands of people tried to touch Bapu’s feet
  • B) thousands of people silently watched the procession
  • C) thousands of people lined the route hours in advance
  • D) this was the last time people were walking with Bapu

30. The narrator was moving amidst

  • A) joyful people
  • B) lamenting people
  • C) angry people
  • D) jubilant people

31. For the grieving people walking with Bapu was of-

  • A) no value
  • B) special value
  • C) little value
  • D) inconsequential value

32. Rough and smooth India’s recent history. refers to-

  • A) The Quit India Movement
  • B) The revolutionary activities
  • C) Non-violent, non-cooperation Movement
  • D) India’sindependence and the struggle before 1948

33. Bapu had a-

  • A) slight figure
  • B) bulky figure
  • C) tall figure
  • D) stout figure

34. “To walk is to make slow progress”- “Slow progress’ actually refers to-

  • A) advancement towards the individual as well as collective prosperity
  • B) the covering up of a long distance
  • C) spiritual enlightenment
  • D) march along the path of maturity

35. While walking it is possible to look at things with-

  • A) clarity
  • B) precision
  • C) patience
  • D) understanding

36. The only way that was left open to average Indians was-

  • A) to fight
  • B) to walk
  • C) to take part in civil disobedience movement
  • D) all of these

37. Bapuji transformed walking into-

  • A) clarity
  • B) slow progress
  • C) freedom
  • D) joyful effort

38. Gandhiji turned the struggle of walking into a-

  • A) commonplace experience
  • B) pleasant experience
  • C) plightful experience
  • D) pathetic experience

39. The person spoken of here was-

  • A) never going to take part in a walk with us
  • B) always ready to take part in the walk
  • C) all set to declare a new political era
  • D) to lead us in a political movement

Unit 3 MCQ Questions & Answers from the Passing Away of Bapu

40. The authoress and her sisters were-

  • A) leading figures of Gandhiji’s Non-cooperation Movement
  • B) active part of Gandhijï’s movement
  • C) fellow prisoners
  • D) mere onlookers

41. Gandhiji awakened Indian people to one another’s-

  • A) indifference
  • B) Values
  • C) suffering
  • D) all of these

42. Gandhiji’s ideals will live among-

  • A) his followers
  • B) his sons and daughters
  • C) the members of the National Congress
  • D) the youth of the following generations

43. After returning to Delhi, the author felt-

  • A) brave
  • B) happy
  • C) helpless
  • D excited

44. Bapu’s ‘banner implies –

45. At every station crowds who filled the platform were full of-

  • A) sympathy
  • B) sorrow
  • C) joy
  • D) frustration

46. The narrator belonged to-

  • A) Bapu’s generation
  • B) older generation
  • C) younger generation
  • D) post-independent generation

47. Bapu had inspired-

  • A) millions of ordinary people
  • B) many young people
  • C) the writer and her sisters
  • D) strong and proud people

48. Bapu made people realise –

  • A) the joy of others
  • B) the sacrifice of others
  • C) the cruelty of others
  • D) the suffering of others

49. When Bapu passed away the narrator felt-

  • A) deserted
  • B) vanquished
  • C) unrestricted
  • D) encircled

50. The meaning of the word ‘onlooker is-

  • A) insider
  • B) bystander
  • C) outsider
  • D) peeping Tom

51. People on the train sang-

  • A) gazal
  • B) bhajans
  • C) Vedic psalms
  • D) Kirton

52. The train reached Allahabad-

  • A) amid song and prayer
  • B) amid flowers and fragrance
  • C) amid grief and sighs
  • D all of these

53. After the immersion of Gandhiji’s ashes, the authoress went back to

  • A) Allahabad
  • B) Ahmedabad
  • C) Delhi
  • D) Mumbai

Answers to the MCQ Questions from the Passing Away of Bapu

1 B2 C3 C
4 B5 C6 C
7 A8 B9 C
10 D11 D12 D
13 B14 C15 A
16 B17 C18 C
19 D20 B21 A
22 B23 B24 A
25 C26 C27 D
28 A29 C30 B
31 B32 D33 A
34 A35 A36 B
37 D38 B39 A
40 D41 C42 D
43 C44 C45 B
46 C47 A48 D
49 B50 B51 B
52 A53 C

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