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The Postman Essay 10 Lines

  • The postman is a friend of the society.
  • He is a humble worker in the postal department.
  • He comes early in the post office.
  • There he arranges letters, parcels and money orders for his area.
  • Then he goes from door to door delivering these things.
  • The postman does hard work.
  • He does his duty in Sunshine or rain.
  • He brings happy or sad news but none takes his news.
  • He brings money for people.
  • But he is always in want of money.
  • We should be grateful to this poorly paid but dutiful person.

100 words Essay on The Postman

The Postman is an important worker in the postal department. The reputation of this Work is worship. Perhaps none knows this better than a postman. His department rests largely on him. He is aware of it. His salary may be small but he doesn’t care. The sun may burn him. The rain may drench him. He does not bother about these. He goes on delivering letters, parcels, money orders etc. Everybody waits for him. Some wait in hope, some in fear. He is a messenger of happy or sad news. He carries a lot of money. But he is always in want of money. He is a sincere worker. He serves the nation. And he lives a useful life.

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What is a postman essay?

The postman essay refers to an essay about the postman. His life, his duty etc are discussed in the essay.

What is a postman in simple words?

A postman is an employer in a post office. His duty is to deliver letters, money orders or parcels to the people.

How does a postman help us Class 1?

A postman is a messenger. He brings us letters, parcels or money orders from the post office.

What are a few lines about Postman?

A postman is a very important person in the society. He brings letters and parcels to us. He works very hard but his salary is very low. We should love and show respect to these workers.

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