The Rainbow Paragraph 100 words

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The Rainbow Paragraph

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TopicThe Rainbow
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The Rainbow

It was a rain-soaked July afternoon. A few minutes ago the rain. Now the sun was peeping into the cloudless sky. I was preparing for football with my friends. Suddenly Goutam gave out a merry shout. He drew my attention to the distant horizon. My eyes became wide with wonder. There was a real rainbow in the sky! I gazed and gazed at the gorgeous spectacle. Seven bright colours dazzled everyone. The coloured bow looked like a bridge between heaven and earth. But there’s no road to heaven. The rainbow vanished very soon.

10 Lines Paragraph on Rainbow

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FAQ on Rainbow

1. What is a rainbow?

A rainbow is a multi-colour arc formed with light and is usually seen after rain.

2. What does the rainbow look like?

A rainbow is a half circle

Time needed: 30 minutes

How Rainbow is formed

  1. Raining

    Rainbows are seen in the sky usually after rain.

  2. Left out water particles

    All the water particles do not drop with the rain.

  3. Clear sky

    After a rain, the sky becomes clear and sunlight peeps through the clouds.

  4. Prism

    Water droplets work as a prism and break the sunlight into many different wavelengths (light)

  5. Rainbow

    We see this reflected light as the rainbow.

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