The Snail Poem Questions & Answers Class 10

This page is about the questions ad answers from the poem The Snail by William Cowper. All the questions from the text as well as extra questions and answers are added in this page. Read them carefully and practise them for better results.

The Snail Questions and Answers

Dear learner, the page is divided into two main parts. The first part is about the textual (exercise) questions and answers and the second part is about extra questions and answers. So let’s continue.

Comprehension exercises (Questions & Answers)

1 Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

a) with the slightest touch, the snail shrinks into its house with-

(i) displeasure
(ii) pleasure
(iii) pain
(iv) surprise

(b) In its house, the snail lives with

(i) parents
(ii) friends
(iii) relatives
(iv) no one

(c) The poet has compared the snail to a-

(i) tree
(ii) hermit
(iii) rock
(iv) blind man

2. State whether the following statements are True or False. Provide sentences phrases/words in support of your answer:

(a) The snail fears falling from the wall. FALSE
Supporting statement: “The snail stick close, nor fears to fall.”

(b) The snail comes out of his house during a storm. FALSE
Supporting statement: “When the danger imminent betides of storm or other harm besides … he shrinks into his house.”

(c) The snail and his house are conjoined. TRUE
Supporting statement: “As if he grew there, house and all …”

3. Answer the following questions:

(a) What does the snail usually stick itself to?

The snail usually sticks to grass or leaf or fruit or wall.

(b) What makes the snail well-satisfied?

The snail is well satisfied for he considers himself as his own treasure.

(c) How does the snail feed faster?

The snail lives a self-contained or selfish life. So he feeds faster.

(d) When does the snail feed faster?

The snail feeds faster when he meets a companion.

Grammar Questions and Answers

4. Change the following sentences into questions, as directed:

(a) Siraj always rises early. (Interrogative sentence using ‘does’)

Answer: Doesn’t Siraj always rise early?

(b) Joyce is the best singer in the class. (Information question using ‘who’)

Answer: Who is the best singer in the class?

(c) He saw the rainbow. (Interrogative sentence using did’)

Answer: Did he see the rainbow?

(d) I go to school by bus. (Information questions using ‘how)

Answer: How did you (I) go to school?

Writing Activity

5. Write a letter (within 100 words) to the editor of an English daily about the disturbances caused by the thoughtless use of loudspeakers.

The Snail Extra Questions and Answers

Some extra MCQ and SAQ questions and answers are added here. The answers are marked in RED colour. Read the same and just practise. Remember the proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect.” So let’s begin.

The Snail Extra MCQ Questions and Answers

1 The snail sticks so close to things that he never fears to-

a) die
b) perish
c) fall
d) dissolve

2. The snail grows with its-

a) house
b) children
c) friends
d) siblings

3. ‘Within that house secure he hides’. Here house refers to-

a) snail’s house
b) snail’s cell
c) snail’s shell
d) snail’s sail

4. The snail’s chattel is-

a) the snail’s house
b) the snail itself
c) the snail’s horn
d) hidden treasure

5. The snail shrinks into the house with-

a) malice
b) pleasure
c) displeasure
d) patience

6. ‘Where he dwells, he dwells alone’. ‘He’ means-

a) a man
b) the poet
c) the snail
d) William Cowper

7. A snail loves to live-

a) all alone
b) with a companion
c) with family
d) with friends

8. The snail clings to

a) roof
b) flower
c) wall
d) floor

9. What is a danger for the snail

a) earthquake
b) flood
c) storm
d) rain

10. The snail’s power lies in his

a) self-glorification
b) self-degeneration
c) self-control
d) self-obsession

11. The house provides the snail with-

a) personality
b) power
c) pleasure
d) protection

12. In his own house the snail lives-

a) unhappily
b) secured
c) frightened
d) with agony

13. The word ‘imminent’ means-

a) bad weather
b) danger
c) about to happen
d) inborn

14. The snail shrinks into its house whenever it is-

a) displeased
b) afraid
c) satisfied
d) touched

15. The most sensible part of a snail’s body is-

a) shell
b) horn
c) sting
d) eye

16. The snail lives in its house with-

a) other snails
b) his family
c) his friends
d) no one

17. The snail is well-contained with his whole-

a) world
b) qualities
c) family
d) own treasure

18. The snail’s self-collecting power is-

a) a bit
b) great
c) less
d) nothing

19. The poem focuses on the-

a) life cycle of a snail
b) food habit of a snail
c) private world of a snail
d) different species of a snail

20. The snail-

a) fears to fall down
b) taking risks of falling
c) has no fear of falling down
d) always fallen down

21. The snail is presented here as-

a) selfish
b) dissatisfied
c) self-contained
d) gloomy

22. The snail withdraws himself-

a) in a bush
b) within his house
c) in a drain
d) within the hole of a tree

23. If anyone touches the snail, it is-

a) afraid
b) sorry
c) pleased
d) displeased

24. He moves along-

a) with other snails
b) the river-bank
c) with his house
d) the edge of the forest

25. The snail recoils itself at the-

a) delicate touch
b) smallest touch
c) finishing touch
d) slightest touch

The Snail Extra SAQ Questions and Answer

1 Where does the snail never fear to fall from?

Answer: The snail never fears falling from grass, leaf fruit and wall.

2. Where does the snail hide in danger?

Answer: The snail hides within its house in danger.

3. Why can’t anyone find the snail when he is inside his house?

Answer: No one can find a snail when he is inside his house because he and his house are incorporated.

4. How does the snail show his self-collecting power?

Answer: The snail shows his self-collecting power by shrinking into his shell with immense displeasure.

5. What properties does the snail have?

Answer: The property the snail has is his own body which constitutes his whole treasure; he has no other chattels

6. Who is the poet of this poem?

Answer: The poet of the poem “The Snail” is William Cowper.

7. Which is the house of the snail?

Answer: The hard shell of the snail has been called his house.

8. How does the snail stick?

Answer: The snail sticks closely without the fear of falling down.

9. Why does the snail fear not to fall?

Answer: The snail does not fear falling because it sticks to any object closely.

10. What does the word All together mean?

Answer: All together means the snail and its hard shell are inseparable.

11. How is the house of the snail?

Answer: The house of the snail is secure.

12. When does the snail hide in his house?

Answer: When danger is likely to happen the snail hides in its house

13. When does the snail feel well satisfied?

Answer: The snail feels well satisfied when it finds its own body to be its whole Reserves

14. What kind of life does the snail lead?

Answer: The snail dwells all alone because it prefers seclusion and its shell is the most important possession to it.

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