The Wolf and The Crane Story with Moral- 100 & 150 words

Dear learner, This is the famous The Wolf and The Crane story with moral. Here you will find two sets of moral stories in English. The first story is a short one and the second one is a long one. Please read the stories and find which one is suitable for you.

The Wolf and The Crane Moral Story

Dear learner, there are two sets of stories. But before you start reading, please have a look at the following table. This seems essential. So I have added this here. Please look at it and continue reading.

Question TypeStory Wroting
Word Limit100 & 150
TopicStory Writing
About the story

The Wolf and The Crane- [Set 1]

Once a greedy wolf found a piece of meat. He had been feasting too fast. But suddenly a bone struck in his throat. He could not get it out or in. As a result, he could not eat anything. That was an awful condition for a greedy wolf like him.

Then he approached some birds and animals. Everybody despised him. So no one was eager to help him. Then he requested a crane, “Please help me. I will give you a reward”. Seeing the wolf’s condition, the kind-hearted crane agreed to pull out the piece of born from Wolf’s throat.

The crane with a long neck and beak, easily pull that piece out of his throat.

When the wolf felt that the bone was removed from his throat, he started walking. He neither talked of reward nor express his gratitude to the crane.

“But what about my reward?” asked the Crane eagerly.

“You have already got it. Isn’t it enough for you that I haven’t bitten off your head?” the Wolf commented.

The Crane felt disgusted and flew away.


Expect no reward for serving the wicked.

The Wolf and The Crane Moral Story- [Set- 2]

One day a bone got stuck in a wolf’s throat. He was in great pain. Then he went to a crane for help. He said, “Please pull out the bone; Save me. I shall give you a good reward.” The crane agreed. The wolf opened his mouth wide. The crane pushed his long beak into the wolf’s throat. He carefully drew out the bone. Now he asked for the reward. The wolf said, “Reward! Be happy. I did not bite off your head.” The crane ran away in fear.

The Wolf and the Crane Story Moral:

Never trust a rogue.

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