Things I Saw From a Bridge- 100 & 200 words Paragraph

This is an imaginative essay on Things that I watch from a bridge. Sometimes you are asked, “What did you see around the bridge”? So please read the essay- ‘Things I Saw from a Bridge’ and I will be very happy if it helps you in any way.

Things I Saw From A Bridge

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Things I Saw From A Bridge- 100 words

It was a sultry summer evening. I came to the Bali Bridge for some fresh air. A gentle breeze was blowing. The earth was bathed in bright moonlight. Then I looked down the bridge. The moon shone on the ripples of the river. Some boats were dancing with the ripples. Some were docked near the banks. The Dakshneswar temple looked wonderful in the magical moonbeams. The river, the sailing boats, the distant trees- all were bathed in the silver light. It was a charming spectacle. It was so fascinating that I can’t describe it in words.

Things I Saw From A Bridge- 200+ words

There are some memories in life which are very hard to forget. One such memory which I recall from my childhood is still with me. Sometimes I went for a morning walk with my father. One day he take me to the Darkeswar Bridge. From there I saw the sunrise for the first time in my life. It was amazing. The boats, the water in the river, the Kash flowers on both banks everything was glowing red in the first light of the sun. I have never experienced such natural beauty before.

This amazed me so much that I requested my father to stay for some time on the bridge. A gentle bridge was blowing. I saw people gathering near the boats and waiting for their turn. A flock of birds were chirping and going down to the rivers to quench their thirst. Then they flew away where I could not tell.

In the meantime, the sun rises a little high. The murky red light then turned bright yellow. I saw the fishermen returning in their boats. Probably it was time for them to sell the fishes which they caught in the night. Then my father suggested I should return home. Though I was returning with my father, my mind was still standing on the bridge watching the scenic beauty of the first sunlight of the day.

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