Tomato Jelly Processing Writing in 100 words for class 9 & 10

The following article is about the preparation of tomato jelly processing writing. The Word limit of the writing is 100 words and is important for class 9 and class 10. So read the writing carefully and learn how to write such processing writing.

Tomato Jelly Processing Writing

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Question Type Processing Writing
Word Limit 100
TopicTomato Jelly
Topic Info Table

Use the following flow chart and write a paragraph on how Tomato Jelly is prepared.

tomatoes collected — cleaned — rotten ones removed — smashed — juice extracted –boiled for 30 minutes — salt, sugar and chilli mixed — cooked to make jelly — stored in bottles — sent for market for sale.

Preparation of Tomato Jelly

Tomato Jelly is a very tasty and healthy food. The preparation of tomato jelly is quite simple. It can be prepared easily at home. At first, ripe tomatoes are collected or bought from the market. Then they are sorted and the rotten and the defective ones are removed. Now the fresh tomatoes are cleaned with water. Next, these tomatoes are smashed and the juice is extracted. After that, the seeds are separated from the juice with a sieve. Then the juice is boiled for 30 minutes. Then sugar is added to the juice. Now tomato jelly is ready. Then it is let to be cooled. Finally, tomato jelly is poured into bottles and is ready to send to the market.

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FAQ on Tomato Jelly

1. What is tomato jam made of?

Tomato Jam is made of fresh tomatoes, sugar and a few spices.

2. How can I preserve tomatoes?

Tomatoes can be preserved in open spaces in the kitchen for more than a month. If the room temperature is below 20 degrees, it can be stored for many more days without a refrigerator or air conditioning.

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