Travelling as a part of Education Paragraph 100 words

The following paragraph is on travelling as a part of education. The paragraph is about 100 words and is important for class 9 and class 10. So read the paragraph carefully and try to compose a paragraph of your own. Let’s begin.

Travelling as a part of Education Paragraph

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Travelling as a part of Education

Man is not a machine. He has a mind. The same routine every day makes our minds tired. To avoid monotony we visit new places. Travelling brings changes in our life. It refreshes our minds. In the new place, we see the unseen. We know the unknown. We are delighted. Our knowledge of places and things becomes lively. Seeing is more effective than reading. Travelling is really a part of education. In a new place, we see new people. Their languages, habits and cultures are different from ours. We know, understand and mix with them. We learn to adjust ourselves to them. We become broad in minds. We become citizens of the world.

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FAQ on Travelling

1. How travelling is a part of education?

Travelling gives us practical knowledge. We get first-hand knowledge about people, their culture, great places, and great foods. As we learn something from travelling, it becomes a part of education.

2. What are the 3 benefits of travelling?

Travelling has so many benefits. But if ask only for three benefits, the important benefits are-
1. It clears monotony and refreshes our minds.
2. It is a great source of Practical knowledge and it makes learning pleasant.
3. Travelling also improves our health.

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