Value of Games and Sports Essay 100 & 150 words

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Value of Games and Sports Paragraph

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Value of Games and Sports Paragraph 100 words

We all like games and sports. We enjoy them as players or spectators. Games and sports are good for the body. They provide food for the mind. They refresh and revitalize it. Games and Sports make us forget our woes and teach us some values. They thus improve the quality of life. In the playground, we learn to obey the captain or the umpire. We have to follow the rules of the game. We become more tolerant and disciplined. The success of a team depends on team spirit and co-operation. A true sportsman takes victory or defeat as a part of life. He is broad-minded and challenging. He plays well in all weathers of life.

Value of Games & Sports Essay 150 words

Once Swami Vivekanand Quoted, “Playing football is better than reading Gita”. The quote intends that Playing games and sports are more beneficial than practising religion. So it is clear that Games and Sports have more value than many other aspects of life. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Healthy Body: Playing games and doing physical exercise makes our body healthy. They freed us from the problem of obesity and low weight. All the systems in our body are rejuvenated while we play games or do physical exercise.

Mental Health: Games and sports give us sound mental health. They freed us from anxiety and the problem of depression. A person who plays games and sports is always energetic and have peace of mind.

Team Spirit: Group games and sports create a team spirit. We learn to do things together. Thus they make us more social. They make us disciplined and teach us how to live in a society.

So to conclude, sports and games have values that make our body, mind and spirit better and make us better citizens.

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FAQ on Games & Sports

1. What are the values of games and sports?

Obedience, discipline, cooperation and team spirit are some values we learn from games and sports. They also teach us that victory and defeat are parts of our life.

2. Do sports cause happiness?

Yes, Sports cause happiness. It makes us energetic and reduces our anxiety.

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