Write a Dialogue about the benefits of Early Rising in 100 words

The following article is a dialogue writing about the benefits of early rising. It focuses on the importance of early rising. It is in 100 words & for classes 6, 7, 8, class 9 & class 10. I am sure you will be able to write a dialogue on the topic after reading this article.

Importance (Benefits) of Early Rising

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Everybody knows that early rising is very beneficial for our health. We must acknowledge its importance. However, here are two sample conversations (imaginary) between two friends- Sujoy and Bijoy and Maya and Ravi. Check them for your convenience.

Benefits of Early Rising Dialogue

Sujoy: Good morning Bijoy. Where are going so early in the morning?

Bijoy: Good morning. I am going for a morning walk.

Sujoy: Do you go for a morning walk every day?

Bijoy: Yes, every day I get up early in the morning and go for a walk.

Sujoy: But why do you rise so early? Don’t you know sound sleep is necessary for good health?

Bijoy: Yes, I know sound sleep is good for health but early rising is also beneficial to us. An early riser can start and finish his duty early. Do you understand the importance of early rising?

Sujoy: Can you explain a little bit?

Bijoy: A morning walk in the fresh air refreshes our body and spirit. It keeps me energetic all day.

Sujoy: Well. I understand the benefits of early rising. I will also start rising early tomorrow.

Bijoy: OK, bye, see you tomorrow.

Set 2: Early Rising Dialogue

[In a cosy living room, two friends, Maya and Ravi, are sipping tea.]

Maya: “You know, Ravi, I’ve recently started waking up early, and it’s been a game-changer for me.”

Ravi: “Really? I’m the complete opposite; I’m a night owl. What’s so great about early mornings?”

Maya: “Oh, there are plenty of benefits! First off, the peace and quiet. It’s like having the world to yourself. Those early hours provide the perfect solitude for introspection and planning the day ahead.”

Ravi: “Hmm, that sounds tempting. But isn’t it tough to wake up early?”

Maya: “It’s a bit challenging at the start, but once you establish a routine, it becomes natural. Besides, you gain extra time in the day. It’s incredible how much more you can accomplish by starting early.”

Ravi: “That does make sense. Anything else?”

Maya: “Absolutely! Early risers tend to be more productive and focused. Your mind feels refreshed, allowing for better decision-making and creativity. Plus, there’s something about that fresh morning air that’s invigorating.”

Ravi: “I never thought about it that way. Maybe I should give it a try.”

Maya: “Definitely! Even a small change can have a big impact. You’ll see how it transforms your day.”

Ravi: “I’ll set my alarm for tomorrow morning then. Thanks for the insight, Maya!”

Maya: “No problem! I’m sure you’ll thank me when you experience those tranquil early hours.”

FAQ on early rising:

1. What are the 3 advantages of early rising?

Early rising has so many advantages. But the 3 most important advantages are-
1. It makes us punctual.
2. It refreshes our body and mind
3. We can start and finish our work early.

2. Which time is early morning?

There is no perfect time as early morning. But you can consider 6 am as the early morning.

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