Write a Dialogue within 100 words on the need to ban the use of animals like tigers and lions as a circus Attraction

The article is a dialogue writing between two friends on the need to ban the use of animals like tigers and lions in circuses. The word limit of the answer is about 100 words. So Let’s begin.

Dialogue on the Ban of Animals in Circus

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TopicBan on Animals in circus
Writing TypeDialogue
Word Limit100
Full Marks10
Short Note Table

The conversation is an imaginary one. Sujoy and Bijoy are two friends. They are enjoying a circus. They are watching how lions and tigers are tortured. The conversation is between them on the ban of wild animals in circuses.

The Dialogue

Sujoy: What an irony! The ferocious are frightened.

Bijoy: Yes, They are behaving like pet cats. Unimaginable.

Sujoy: I agree. The way they are treating them is purely a criminal offence.

Bijoy: Wild animals are already decreasing. Have they no sense?

Sujoy: A total ban should be imposed against captivating wild animals.

Bijoy: Yes, I agree. We must be more human to these helpless wild animals.

Sujoy: The circus people should find some other alternatives.

Bijoy: Of course. these animals will look more beautiful in their wild habitat.

Sujoy: We must talk about imposing a complete ban.

Bijoy: Only banning is not the right solution. I think mass awareness is the first thing we should do.

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