Write a letter to your friend about Puja Vacation in 100 words

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Letter to your friend about Puja Vacation

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TopicLetter to a friend about Puja Vacation
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Letter Writing Puja Vacation

28th October

Dear Soumya,

I have just received your letter. You want to know in the letter how I spend my puja vacation.

You know that the puja vacation began on 5th October this year. As we had already planned a family tour to Puri. We reached there on 7th October. There we booked a hotel by the seaside. We spent there for fifteen days. My mother is a religious woman. She spent a day in Jagannath Temple. We too were with her. The next day we went for a trip to Kalinga, the famous place where the historical battle was fought. We also visited Nandan Kanan, the Sun Temple of Konark. Thus we spent 8 days. Then we settle in Puri and spend most of our time in the sea. I swim a lot, ate plenty of seafood and have a sweet sleep in the hotel by the seaside. Finally, we returned home on 22nd October.

That’s my puja vacation? How was it yours? Write back as soon as you receive the letter.

Yours ever

Soumya Rakshit
C/O- Ananta Rakshit
Bankura- 722101

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FAQ on Puja Vacation

1. What is Puja vacation?

In West Bengal and in some other parts of India, there is a long vacation in schools in October. It was on the occasion of Durga Puja- the greatest festival in West Bengal. This vacation is named Puja Vacation.

2. When does Puja Vacation begin?

It does not start on any particular day. It all depends upon the date of the Durga puja.

3. How long is the puja vacation?

The vacation is usually 20 to 22 days long.

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