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Are you looking for a report writing on earthquakes? Here is a sample report on the Nepal earthquake of 2015 in about 100-120 words. You will be able to write a newspaper report on an earthquake after reading the article.

A Newspaper Report on Nepal Earthquake

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Write a newspaper report in about 100 words on the severe earthquake in Nepal with the following hints.

Date – 25 April — Richter scale 7.9 intensity — 16 aftershocks; first quake at 11.56 am –epicentre at Lamjung-impact in neighbouring countries — 1,500 people died, thousand injured — army and police carried rescue work — 200 bodies retrieved from Dharhare Tower — India sent fifty doctors, three tons of relief materials and a 40 member team.

Earthquake Shatters Nepal

–By a Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, 25 April: Nepal was smashed by a severe earthquake yesterday leaving nearly 1,500 people dead and thousands injured. Hundreds were feared missing across the country. Huts and buildings were reduced to debris; city roads suffered wide craters. Kathmandu’s Darbar Square, a World Heritage Site, was completely ruined. The quake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale was followed by 16 aftershocks. The quake around 11.56 a.m. with its epicentre at Lamjung, had its impact in several countries. Army, police and emergency workers were deployed into service for rescue work. Over 200 bodies have been recovered from the debris of Dharhara tower. Fifty doctors have arrived from India to provide emergency services. India has sent three tons of relief supplies and a 40-member rescue team in a relief mission.

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